Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dear Readers.  I know this blog has been on an unimaginable hiatus.  This is a hobby blog and I love having a space to share random thoughts with you all, given that I find the time to type them up.  Orcrist and I have several things we are working on currently and some of it will eventually show up here (we hope!).  In the meantime, it appears we have become a favorite of spammers.  Many of our posts have become deluged with spam posts, that while relevant enough to get around the automated filters, did not add any significant discussion to the posts.  As such I have disabled comments to all anonymous posts. I will crank the security up tighter if this doesn't solve the problem.  I barely have time to write here, I don't need to spend it all clearing junk off the bottoms of the pages.

I want to personally thank Orcrist for taking an afternoon to clear the majority of the junk. If you want to link your blog, something cool you saw, or a contact info in the comments of a post - I'm actually ok with that, given that there is a valid reason for doing so - you and another commenter had a meaningful conversation and you want to continue it elsewhere, you are linking to something that directly relates to the post, etc. I do this too, and it's always tricky to say - hey I totally wrote something about the same thing, come see what I said.  I know that.  However, if your link is to a retail site, expect it to get nuked (unless we are talking product, which we may, but if you link a sale piece it had better be 100% relevant!)  I hope to add some of the new G+ functionality to this blog soon.  I want us to have conversations.  I want our ideas to be discussed and shared.  But I don't want you, the faithful, to have to be barraged with spam on these pages.  It's bad enough I don't edit!

Thanks All

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