Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introducing A Classic

My parents are here and we are all prepped for the big paint tomorrow.

I took one break this afternoon to take my kids to see The Wizard of Oz with the free tickets they got from the library summer reading program.  I forgot how incredibly long it has been since I've seen the movie.  I rented it (from Redbox) once to listen to in the car while my kids watched it, but the DVD player on my laptop stopped working and we never got around to watching it.  My kids loved it!  Well the two that stayed awake did :)  Ver3 stayed awake longer than he normally does and I know he liked the songs.  I was surprised at how much I had forgotten over the years.  It really made me want to watch Tin Man again.

Tin Man Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Tin Man (TV miniseries), Richard Dreyfus

Humble Indie Bundle 3 Now Available

I wrote this as a spec piece for a gaming site, they aren't going to use it (someone beat me to the punch, I think) So I hope you all enjoy it, after the jump.

(In other news, not quite ready to paint, but very close, I hope my parents aren't too mad, I already have to make up to my dad for hurting his feelings by not being more concerned over the phone - see yesterday's post)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gifts Aren't Always A Good Thing

Sometimes I know things.  Sometimes I know things because I'm really observant and I like to study the way people act (still can't figure out why I got a D in psychology, it must have been the scantrons!)  Sometimes I know things because I have dreams about them.  Sometimes I find myself thinking about something and someone at different times, but for no obvious reason.  Sometimes I have a combination of the above.  Most of the time these things only make sense in retrospect.  Sometimes I can see a hint before things happen, but the details are never there.  Usually, it just sucks.

Christians call it a gift.  Science fiction treats it as a gift, a bridge, and a curse.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Rock!

Well sheet rock that is!  Anyone remember that huge hole in my ceiling?  I posted it HERE on the window treatment blog.  Well,  it's gone!  Long gone really since we tore down the ceiling and put up sheet rock in the middle of all the traveling, but this weekend I got it textured.  While it'st got some issues, I'm thinking it turned out rather well.

The ceiling we replaced is low, really low.  It's only 6.5 feet at the most optimistic, and for the first time since we've lived here it's flat!!!!  When we moved in it was one of the first things I wanted to fix.  It was all warped and horribly patched and just U G L Y!  Having the ceiling flat, even without the texture was just so nice.  Now it looks so much more complete!  I can hardly wait to get the paint on it and put my new bronze ceiling hugging lights up!  Did I tell you all that I wired a new light and switch for it too?  We did!  It was an adventure (did you know insulation can act like rubber with a drill bit?  Well it can!), but we overcame and I didn't even mess up the circuit!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ongoing Projects

This week and next are going to be a flurry of activity.  The culmination of many house projects crashing together at once.  While I long to write, and have a few writing assignments on another project to finish, it will be the wee hours (if I can get my nose out of my kindle/books) that it would be accomplished.

So in fairness I am displaying my open ended todo schedule for all of you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tabs 2

Since I haven't had the chance to write lately (and I got somewhat admonished for it in the comments on the last post), I thought I'd link some of my random tabs again.  Now I was offline most of last week, so I don't know how many tabs I have open, lets see what I can find.

No More Vacation

Since we had planned to help our friends move out of state, we took the kids out of school for two weeks.  We then didn't end up going with our friends, so we did the next best thing.  We went over the hill, through the woods, and to grandma's house (for those of you that think we should have gone over the river, well there wasn't a river, ok!)

First we went up to a local butte and went camping with friends.  I haven't been camping with friends since the first summer my husband and I were married.  It was an interesting time to group camp with friends with kids.  Some very nice things about it, some different things... all-in-all something to do again.  Then we went "through the woods" or rather on wooden roller coasters at an amusement park with the word "wood" in the title.  This was sort of my birthday party.  My cousin has a daughter who has the same birth date as me and we went together.  It was loads of fun, but I did come home with scrapes, bruises, and exhaustion.  We took my actual birthday to rest, and then we were off to Grandma's!  It was a good time, but I am just now home and queasy and exhausted.

I've also been working on a plethora of home projects and my parents will be coming to assist with some of the bigger ones so I've got to spend the next week getting ready.  I really miss writing, but tonight I am too tired to focus.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

More on Brighton

I've been asked to post an update on Brighton, the little boy who needed three attempts to get a G J tube placed to help him get nutrients so that he can start to grow.

Brighton has managed to keep down his feeds, mostly because his stomach is no longer used, but instead the food goes strait into his intestines.  He is currently receiving 4 times the calories and nutrients of a child his age, but still has not gotten bigger.  At 9 months he is measuring the size of a three month old.  The good news is that the pump is working as it is designed to do and it is getting nutrients into Brighton's little body, into the place where they have the greatest chance of being absorbed and used.  Mentally, Brighton has gorgeous engaging eyes.  He flirts with the ladies, and readily smiles.  He is such a joy to be around and to hold.

Tomorrow Brighton is moving away from me to begin a new adventure in a new state, and a new beautiful house.  His family is blessed daily and has so very much to look forward to.  Thank you all for your prayers, love and support.  Brighton's mom posts updates on her blog at Blessed on the Bright Side.  (She also posts some amazing cards that she makes.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Little PSA

Here's a quick link to a Comic-Con PSA that hightlights a critical difference between girl gamers and boy gamers.

Unknown Title - Watch more free videos
*note:  Nerd Machine is sponsored by Best Buy
*note2:  Video link may not work in Google Reader or other RSS readers, please come to the site if you can't see it.

You see, girl gamers would never ever resort to one handed gaming to avoid swamp ass!  We'd know better than to go through long gaming sessions on a leather couch, we are also smart enough to wear a sanitary napkin if needed.  :)  Still watching Nathan Fillion being all serious is just so cute I had to share.  Not to mention you have to love the "The More You Nerd" at the end.

Just got unpacked from spending the weekend camping.  I also finally added a copyright to the blog, you can still share stuff, but make sure you link back here.  If you want to use something that you can't link me, please email me at papernapkinsedgeofinsantiy (at) GMAIL . COM

More fun stuff and more offline time coming up!  


Friday, July 1, 2011

I Feel Like Baking

Ok, I think I've been bit by the bakers bug.  After not a little pressure and some "OH my Gosh those look good!" pictures from my friend's facebook page, I started baking sandwich bread for my family.  It is soooo good and the kids for the most part agree.  Ver2 (my middle daughter) who has to be contrary loves it and then doesn't really like it.  Maybe she'll become a believer.  All my kids love to help in the kitchen, stirring, mixing, measuring, so as I get more adventurous I'm sure I'll find something she loves, for more than 4 days.

Well, the bread wasn't enough to fill my baking bug.  I may not cook often, but I love baking and BC (before children) I used to make all kinds of cookies and candies and treats before Christmas.  My sister and I grew up making cookies for months and putting them in the freezer for the pending "Family Vacation" - in quotes because it meant driving all day to go see relatives in another state.  Always a good time for us kids and sometimes my parents would shake up the route and we swing through National Parks and other scenic fun stuff!  My sister and I even baked so many cookies (and she was a cookie ration-er) that we drove from Crater Lake, OR through the Redwoods, the Sequoias, and into San Diego and back without running out of cookies!  I love baking!


So I finally got some one-on-one with my husband to help me get focused back on the 'ol day job.  And it worked.  I do so much better when I can explain what I'm doing to someone, teach it as it were.  Well, I sat down and since my husband doesn't understand perl or MatLab, nor hydrology, all things that are the essence of my day gig, I was able to explain to him in a way that made me understand what exactly I was trying to do again.  He even inspired a revelation!

You see, the section I've been staring at, crying over, beating my head on every available surface because it just doesn't make sense.  The one I tried to brute force my way through...... it's trash, don't need it, not usable, crap! Two months of anguish into the trash file.  Cyber bits into the great bucket in the sky (as my 7th grade computer teacher always told us happened when we didn't save.)  I was able to not only nuke that, but plow through another whole section of code.

The breakthrough - "So what have you gotten done that you said was already translated?"  Going back and looking what I had already translated paved the way to moving forward again.  Ironically, I'd been looking right at the answer, but not seeing it (I was already referencing my earlier translation for variable understanding, but just didn't see it until I explained it today.)  I hope this keeps up, I have a lot to finish and they want to see something actually working (not just translated) soon!
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