Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Your G33K On!

Well it's here!  I have a horrendously socially busy day today, and I'm desperately fighting an internal need to withdraw from society and hide in my home watching movies and playing offline games.  Still we'll trudge onward.

Just a few graphics after the jump to help you celebrate your Towel Day / Star Wars Day / Geek Pride Day / Glorious 25 May

Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Sure You Know Where Your Towel Is!

T-1 day guys!

Towel Day! (wiki)

Star Wars Day! (wiki)

Dia del Orgullo Friki! / Geek Pride Day! (wiki)

Glorious 25 May (Discworld wiki)

May 25th is going to be a glorious, yet busy day!  We may just have to celebrate all weekend long!

Time to Take 5

We had a most wonderful visit with my inlaws, even if it was ridiculously short for how infrequently we see them, oh well.  As a consultation to all the activity and changes going on I planned a nice relaxed, nothing planned weekend, except we still ended up hopping from on function to the next on Saturday.  It was my four year old who truly humbled me on Saturday night around midnight.  She was up with her usual nightmare (honestly sometimes I think she just rests so well that she gets that middle of the night wake up time), and she was sad because she had not seen me during the Daddy-Daughter Dance (which is one of her favorite events of the year) and then I left to help a friend who needed a grocery run made, but couldn't go because her husband is out of town and she couldn't leave her kids (who can?).  In fact even though she went with we didn't really get to hang out at the picnic meeting we'd had at lunch time.

Anyway, it was at that exhausting hour that my beloved four year old princess asked, "Mommy, can we just stay home and do nothing tomorrow?"  So my friends, with the exception of one non-stressing work exchange I already had planned (and only lasted a couple hours), that's exactly what we did.  It may not have been enough, but it sure felt good.  It's making me crave summer when my oldest won't be in school and we won't have to drive to her school 3-4 times a day.  I see a long list of things we need to do, to get working on, to finish, and to keep working on, but I think we are much busier than I tend to feel we are.  In this light, I think I need to listen to the wisdom of my four year old and just stay home and do nothing, at least somewhat regularly throughout this coming summer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Panic

Ok, it's true, I've been in and out of a state of panic for most of the year.  I suppose panicked is probably my normal state (anyone else hearing the voices of those nurses asking "Do you have anxiety issues?") It's more-so now.  It seems all my best laid plans have been pushed aside to leave me cramming in the last minute, playing catchup as the clock runs down, running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Mom-in-law arrives in T- well I'm not exactly sure.... I guess Thursday though and for the sake of timeliness we'll call it less than 24 hours, ok.  After all, I hope to be sleeping any of those extra hours I'm off by and realistically I probably only have maybe 4-6 hours of real ability to get anything ready time left (see I am rather realistic about this stuff, or a try to be, 4 may even be the high estimate, but I'm trying to be an optimist and flailing.)  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Change of Plans

So I had planned on getting ahead at work yesterday, and cleaning the church, and getting my kids ready for pictures today.  Instead I spent the day in labor and delivery at the hospital where my children were born.  I friend of mine who had no local support had a beautiful baby girl at 1:56am today.  Mom and baby are doing wonderfully.  It was so amazing to be her support, to cheer her on, even if it was a long tiring day (we were there all day!)  It was very different to be involved in a birth and not being the one in the bed.

It was also weird walking past room 106.  I took my friend's bags to her recovery room, and while I'd gone the other way when I'd left (mostly to walk past the nurses and say something, not to avoid room 106), I walked right past it - I even looked in.  I spent 4 days in room 106 last year.  I was in room 106 when I had my closest experience to death.  The room didn't scare me.  It didn't make me feel bad, or anything.  It does make me remember, it doesn't help that my sweet, now 4 year old remembers, even though she doesn't.  Just knowing that I was at the hospital was enough to scare her.  I came home twice today (to nurse my son) and I reassured her that we were fine and it simply took time for most people to have babies.  She's asleep right now, but I'm sure she's fine.  If not she should meet me in bed about the time I get there.

I still hope to leave town to take pictures today, we'll see if plans change again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Room With A View

Wow, what a crazy year.  We replaced our washing machine, which led to a pantry reorganization scheme (mostly using pre-existing materials), then the dishwasher got replaced, but my desire to make over the kitchen was tabled when the couch and love seat we were given, but I ended up being allergic to, went to a new home.  Instead of just bringing a futon back and putting it where the couch had been, we decided to reorganize the entire living room layout.  Including moving the table to be by the front door and opening up the living room area.

Unfortunately, the first problem to manifest itself, was now the futon faced the only two windows in the room, and they were U G L Y!  Ok, maybe they aren't that bad.  They're those curtains that everyone had in the 80s.  And in our case they matched the walls (also ugly) perfectly!

Ugly window to the left
Ugly window to the right

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth

Ok, I really feel obligated to say something.  Not just because I haven't posted this week, but because it is May 4, or as some lispy Star Wars fan once said, May the Force.  Now, I've been a Star Wars fan ALL OF MY LIFE.  I was gifted my first lightsabre before I was born!  Of course I smashed it to pieces on my little sister's head and it was years before I got another one, but that's a moot point.  The point stands that instead of celebrating the day the trilogy that has affected multiple generations on the date of the launch of the first movie, May 25th, in recent years a new generation has moved the celebration to the 4th of May, because they can't be bothered to remember.

Now admittedly, May 25th is already a huge day geek wise.  It is kinda nice to peel a holiday off that calendar day, to free our attention to amazingness that is the art of Douglas Adams (Towel Day), to enjoy everything that is geek culture world wide with Geek Pride Day, and Glorious 25.  So moving Star Wars day to May 4th I guess aleviates the pressure to compact so much geekness into the 24 hours of 25 May.  It still just feels wrong.

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