Friday, July 23, 2010

Ah Come On, It'd Be Cool And You Know It

Often I get these crazy unrealistic ideas.  Two years ago I designed a tablet (think iPad) on post it notes while listening to audio books and counting lamprey.  I still really want one, seriously, the thing would kick an iPad in the arse!  Maybe I'll type up the concept for another post, but keep in mind it's two years old and solid state hard drives were super new and so it was an option in the design, hmmm maybe I'll edit the sketches when I have time.  Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about right now.  This one is way crazier!

Were you ever in a marching band?  So many people were.  I was!  Some of my most defined memories of high school revolve around the band, and some of my least defined memories from my experiences marching in college.  In high school my band director was all about drum corp.  He wanted us to march perfectly.  He wanted us to play perfectly.  He wanted us to look professional.  He wanted us to wow the audience, making them cheer, gasp, and even cry.  We had the trophies to go with it, even though "band" wasn't the competitive thing where I grew as it was where my husband did.  In our school, band was still just that thing that happened in the middle of the football game.  Therefore my director was always looking for something that would keep butts in seats through the concessions rush.  This would totally rock his world.  Although, like the repeated requests to do a Star Wars (or even a John Williams show), he'd probably never go for it.

So I was having a crazy dream the other night.  I don't know why but it involved marching band competitions.  The actual marching part, and cake, lots of cake.  This isn't about the cake.  This is about something else.  The part that came after the cake.  Have you ever played Wii Music?  We bought it when it first came out.  The idea was we could play it with the kids.  I think we've played it twice.  Which actually isn't that bad when you consider how many games I have and how little time I have to play.  However, I digress (I'm good at that).  Wouldn't it totally rock if you could incorporate Wii Music into the middle of a marching show.  Not the whole show, there's no way the game is set up for that, well I suppose on the instrument select screen, you might could pull that off, but it'd take one Wii per musician,and that borders on way insane!  But what if, each person had a mote and they all dropped their instruments and played the same Wii Music version of their instrument and like did Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or something.

It wouldn't have to be boring either.  Everyone could pause after the basic run down and someone could be loaded to play electric guitar, and they could rock out a massive solo with the flag line behind them with the oversized silk flags and from the wii rack there could be a projector and the visual from the game could be projected at the flags as the flag line moves giant flags through the projection.  Admit it would be sooooo cool!

So I figure each wii band has 4 members, but since the Wiis go to power save there would be a pit person or parent (depending on competition rules, because this is too cool not to compete it!) would have a master control for each wii and queue them up.  So then 3 people per Wii, plus the master mote.  Hand out the motes in a walk-by during the song before.  Everyone hits go and it happens.  Wii Music magic in the middle of a football game!  So a server rack for the wiis, Sensor bars mounted to the front.  Place it on the 50 yard line.  Or you could go wireless sensor bars and put them all along the pit.  Don't forget the projector.  Don't tell me that video wouldn't go viral!

If anyone does this I need the video, it rocked in my dream!

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