Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Insanity

We've all been there, or maybe you haven't?  Who are you, you freak?  Go experience some life!  Meet Insanity, peer into it's cavernous ravine.  Know what terrors and brilliance flood inside your mind that has been so beaten regulated and caged within your skull and within society.  Then you will know what the rest of us know.  That there is a place on the edge, a place where ideas come in floods and there is never paper at hand, nor hand fast enough to keep up.  A place where you grasp at paper napkins, post-it notes, and scraps as the rambling, the design, and the commentary burst forth!

In my treacherous walk, bordering the realm of the insane, I have learned the solution to so many world problems, if only we could start again, or lay aside greed.  Unfortunately, so many things have so many good valid dimensions before you even consider the selfish power mongering ones and I can see so many playing off of each other moving in real time, pulling equilibrium and sustainability through the dimensions like a man being drawn and quartered.

It is unfortunate that the technology to go from my head to the screen without the translation required by my hands or my voice, which creates the needs for pauses in the stream of consciousness thought and thereby creates too much thought and internal editing.  Then again, maybe this pause to self reflection is good.  Still it often feels that the essence of the concept is somehow lost.  And of course there is another danger, the danger of that stupid bunny and his many trails as he takes the subject and we dive into a cavern that runs in tangent and emerge in a different unrelated but equally fascinating idea, and it that time the full cusp and importance of the first idea is diminished or even lost.  Shall we all now stop and mourn the lost ideas.  I think we shall.  Heads bowed people!

Seeing life as I see it, I have painstakingly learned - oh the horror of the blank stare and the lost expression, you have one don't you? - is not something everyone is apparently equipped to do.    So why do you have a better job than me?  More time than me?  and a house?  I have no idea.  Well ok, I've got lots of theories, but like so many they lack the quantitative evidence to make a publishable analysis.  While my analysis of life, the universe, and everything is clearly colored by the walk and by the point from which I start (that'd by my real life stuff), I do not feel that my rambling half-baked concepts are without merit.  Moreover, sharing them with others seems to be just about the only way to get them out of my head!  Aren't you lucky?

Do not fear!  Not all of my wanderings lead to grand intellectual treatises on the state of society and the ills of mortal man.  Some are simply abstract craziness.  So welcome, wipe your feet, and pull up a chair.  The diner is now open.  Grab your own paper napkins and try to keep up with the notes as we walk on the edge of insanity.

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