Saturday, August 6, 2011

A conversation between the insane

I don't usually do the weekend post thing, but since I didn't write at all this week, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into what an actual conversation between two people walking along the edge of insanity looks like.  We do not share political or religious views, but we still find common ground to discuss the roots of bigger problems facing society and impacting our lives.  Unfortunately, neither of us is in a position to do anything about it other than talk and continue the spread of ideas.

It's also very timely as the conversation which happened last night.  No names, and I'll let you try to guess which one is me.  Enjoy!

Ah well, perhaps... but the entire world's economy is built on the foundation of Treasury Bonds
yes and the entire worlds economy could really be anything we can collectively agree it should be, if we were to focus on things other than money for an entire minute
I suppose
whenever there has been a collective vision for the progression of society, money has never been an issue, when society is focused on money, there is never enough
Once again there is never enough
yeah, Kinda... Even if people aren't focused on money everything still boils down to resource management.
there is no collective vision, we have no goal, no objective, everyone is living for the accumulation and hording of wealth, well that doesn't work, we can't horde. Money is only valuable when it's moving.
People need something greater than themselves to move forward, otherwise they digress, that's one reason that religions are so popular, they provide hope and a goal, not that most people follow that part, but it's still a fundemental part of religion.
religion is not the only think that can move people
it was just an example as it's been a powerful force historically speaking in pretty much every region
anyway, people can fight about balance sheets all day, but until we stop asking how much it costs to do the right thing, to set goals, or to progress as a society, it will not happen and things will not change, no matter how they play with the numbers.
We also need to decide what we want those goals to be, sell them to society and have a very clear vision of what that progress will look like or we end up with another half hearted attempt at mobilization, like the war on drugs, the war on terror, and equal rights.
although admittedly equal rights did quite well for quite a while, until it became about the money, then it faultered with it's work only half finished
sorry, been trying to isolate the real problem for a while, this is where it lead me.
I see it as a resource management issue.
I think utilization is more of an issue than management, there is no motivation, therefore we lose productivity and worse, we lose growth and potential.
well, a resource isn't utilized unless it's managed properly
not true lots of resources have been exploited without proper management. In fact some of our problems come from resource exploitation.
that is true of every empire ever

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