Friday, August 19, 2011

Link and Zelda More 25th Anniversary Happenings

We've been receiving  a constant influx thanks to our February (actual anniversary date) post about the anniversary of Legend of Zelda.  Mostly I think it's the cool graphic I found of the evolution of Link on a Google image search, but hey, we might as well talk about this iconic video game some more right?  After all Nintendo finally got their 25th Anniversary gear going!  In fact they have an entire website dedicated to the celebration.

So the official website has some great wallpaper you can download (like the gem up above, only in much larger formats), a brief history of the Zelda games, a DS Flipnote contest (which you can also enter with a paper entry), and information and a video featuring the Zelda Symphony!  Yes, more video game music composers getting some much do appreciation for their songs that have affected a couple generations of gamers.

All this is very cool, but outside artists are providing their own tributes. I think most of the web is in agreement when I say, this piece, Magna Arbor Vitae Deku (traslated “The Great Deku Tree of Life”) by Jude Buffum, is very cool!

Here he has taken the major life forms of the world of Hyrule and followed the principles of binomial classification to create a possible tree of relationships.  (Yes, I checked, the chickens are on there!)  Then in a finishing touch only a perfectionist can really admire he dubs each creature with a latinized scientific name!  I highly recommend his site for some quality zoom shots and a chance at reading those wonderous names!

The activity around Link and Zelda has been picking up all summer as many fans await the arrival of Skyward Sword (yup me too).  What was your favorite Zelda game?

A little music while you ponder:

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