Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Special Thank You to Frugal Girls

Gosh, it must have been forever ago now, but it was probably September, Frugal Girls, told me I was the winner of their $100 Kohl's gift card giveaway.  Maybe I should back up though.  I've been following Frugal Girls for over a year.  Since we obviously reside in different parts of the United States, I frequently miss out on cool deals they post, because besides the fact that I, personally, live in a void of shopping, I've barely heard of many of the stores they mention.  But, I think they are a cool group of gals and I'm very glad that they offer giveaways and craft blog hops and a variety of other things for when their deals don't reach my local area.  I also only sign up for a giveaway if I can use it, OR as in this case, I know exactly what I will do if I win. Most of the time, I can think of something silly, but I never actually expect to win.  So I was very surprised to see my name on the winners post.

When I signed up for the Kohl gift card, I thought, cool!  I'll give it to my Mom she has a Kohls.  Sure I could probably use it online or something, but my Mom enjoys shopping and she'd get a kick out of it - so in went my name.  Then the card actually arrived!  By this time we had been told that my father has cancer (which his treatments are going really really well, and I got to see him and he is so great it's amazing! - LOVE my dad!).  I kept with my resolve to give my Mom the gift card.  I talked with a crafty friend about it.  She thought giving my Mom the card as a cancer-spouse survival kit sounded great.  So I asked her if she would make a card to give my Mom with the gift card.  Oh wow, did this really start something....

You see my friend has some very special children.  Ok, all children are special, I'm quite fond of my three, but hers are the kind that sacrifice some of the wonders and carefree days of childhood to spend countless hours in specialists' offices sacrificing their blood, sanity, and intact bodies so that doctors can hope to help them achieve a full life.  At least two of her boys have a severe case of mitochondrial disorder.  The youngest (just under a year then) desperately needed to get to a specialist in Atlanta, and while my friend made the appointment, trusting in God to provide the money and the means to travel, she really didn't know how that was going to happen.  And then with our conversation about a card for my Mom, thanks to Frugal Girls, and some prayer, she began Cards for Brighton - and I'm very happy to say they made their first appointment with the specialist in Atlanta and hope to raise enough to go again soon.

I'm horrible about mail, so it was the unfortunate loss of a friend that brought my mother to my house.  Last Friday I gave her the Kohl's gift card, that Frugal Girls gave to me, that inspired so many to give to Brighton. After much convincing from myself and my sister (who was amazed at the gift as well), my mother has been convinced to spend the card on herself - not her grandkids, and is going to buy a KitchenAid mixer that she has wanted the last several years, but never been able to rationalize buying.  I'm so happy for her!  I can't wait to see it when we visit for Christmas!

Never before have I seen a simple piece of plastic touch so many lives, and impact so very many.  I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to write this letter of thanks (because I am, with most heartfelt thanks, grateful for all that has happened thanks to this amazing giveaway, that was only possible because of the amazing ladies at Frugal Girls).  Thank you so much from all of us!  Attached below are the pictures of my children with the card, and my mother finally receiving it.

The Versions ready to give Grandma a big surprise

A very surprised and happy Grandma

Thanks for ignoring my construction mess. I'm calling an official halt on Monday, finished or not, but I'm really hoping to get some of that yellow paint on newly textured walls, we'll see, they aren't textured yet.


  1. It's amazing to think, Brighton would have never gotten to Georgia had you not entered to win. I'm so glad you did. I love the smile on your mom's face. I can't wait to hear what she makes with her new mixer!!

  2. Further proof that God can use anything in ways we never would have expected! I love Him sooo much! My absolute best friend since last summer! So happy to get to share little bits of our amazing lives with you!!!!

  3. warm and touching story. would love to see a pic of that mixer!


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