Friday, September 17, 2010

Arr Me Mateys

First let me say sorry for the lack of posts this week.  It's been a busy week and we are expecting some very important company this weekend, so there may not be many posts next week either.  However, we are approaching some major geek holidays, and I do want to at least talk a little on each of those.  First, let me help you all prepare for the very important holiday coming this Sunday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

This phenomenal holiday got started they way many want-to-be holidays do, not with noble aspirations, but with a few good friends joking about.  It "officially" began in 1995, but exploded onto the international scene (and out of the friend quirkiness) in 2002 when in one of those amazing moments, the holiday creators contacted Dave Barry (oh, like I need to tell you who that is?).  And then the world noticed, and that September 19th the interwebs, offices, pubs, and most other places exploded with the colorful intonations of "arr", "me", and "mateys".

So why does anyone care about this crazy thing.  First off, what else are you going to do on September 19th?  I mean labor day was fun right?  Maybe you went camping, maybe you BBQ'd, maybe you just got through as best as you could before school resumed again.  Sure sure, there isn't really anything noble about pirates, unless you consider them to be more honest than the average businessman in that they at least professed to torture, robbery, and womanizing, in most accounts more-so in words than in deed.  But hey, that's all personal opinion as to your thoughts on businessmen....

I was introduced to Talk Like a Pirate Day, ohh, it must have been just after the article.  I know it snuck on my for several years before it made my calendar (in fact it is one of the reasons I keep a Geek Holiday Google Calendar - I got sick of seeing everyone talking like a pirate online and realizing I'd missed half the day already). Well I shall forget it no longer!  I have it on my calendar and I'm so glad I will no longer miss out on this holiday.

Why?  Well because it's so much fun!  It's a great time to remember the age of great ships with sails billowing.  Of the fear of now romanticized, counter-culture, villains sailing to meet and defeat those innocent travelers.   Not only that, just try talking a bit of pirate and not smiling.  All those grammar things your elementary school teacher gritted her teeth while correcting you, yet again, they're all fair play!  Forget the word "I", in pirate you use "me".  Articles, right out, drop 'em!  Slang, more slang than you can shake a wooden leg at!  And even if you aren't swearing, you still sound crass, especially with the all vital arr!

Still think it's just craziness?  I challenge you to give it a try this September 19th (and since that's a Sunday the official sites claims that the whole weekend is in play).  Not sure you can pull it off?  Not only do the "pirate guys" have primers on the official site (linked at the top), there is a book, and of course innumerable youtube videos, I recommend this one -

For me the joys of Talk Like A Pirate Day have already begun.  As my Pirate Day themed cake has taken Bronze this weekend at our local county fair.

And until next time....
Avast ye scurvy dogs!  Make fast the riggin.  Where be me rum?

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