Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I love what if's and daydreaming.  I love making plans for "if we did this...." even if we have no intention of ever doing it.  One of the games my husband and I play is, "we could do this when we retire."  First off with three kids under 6 we aren't about to retire anytime soon, especially when the oldest wants be a doctor.  However that doesn't mean we can't share our thoughts.  Our thoughts may never meet the reality, we have so much we want that is important to us, but one of my husband's thoughts is to sell everything and live on the ocean.

I've never been sailing, so I can't say how I'd like doing that, but in some ways it's a lot more appealing than RV living, or even the really cool miniature house thing.  Living on a boat would allow us to travel, to see the world, to get away from it all, but to still get around.  Traveling the world is a big goal for my husband and myself, we already have friends scattered around the world, but it never seems to be our turn to head out.  Something always comes up.  Savings always get required for some crisis.  It just doesn't happen.  Yet, being on a boat makes it hard to see things that are further inland.  I mean sure in most of the world there are decent rail systems that are relatively inexpensive, but not in the US, and we love our children, what if they move too far inland?  What if we had one of these instead?

Lets just forget a minute about air space laws and the licensing nightmares of flying around wherever you like, but you gotta admit living on an airship would be soooo cool.  Being lighter than air you aren't restricted to the narrow cylinder of an RV or sailboat.  Although you would expect a degree of linearity to cut down on air resistance, although, perhaps a spherical shape may be most beneficial in dealing with cross currents... especially if sacrificing speed isn't an issue.

Imagine it.  Floating along over ocean and land, tethering and staying wherever the trees are spread enough.  You could deck it out completely in steampunk woods and velvets.  Travel, comfort... It'd all be good.  I mean a personal zephlin!  The skies, luxury, freedom... sounds just about perfect doesn't it?

Oh sure weather could be a problem, and then there are all the issues of airspace laws, staying out of the way of commercial traffic, potential air hazards.  And the issue that zephlins had to have huge crews to maintain the stable, smooth ride they were known for.  However, I'm sure that computer control and even limited AI robotics could be an aid here.

Then again, maybe I just play too much Final Fanatasy....

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  1. Posts like this really make me love the way your mind works some days. So.... FF?


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