Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I LOVE multitasking.  I hate when my mind goes onto overdrive and my fingers cant' keep up, or worse my fingers can't reach an outlet for the crazy insanity, brilliant ideas, or long sought solution that is pounding at my grey matter.  I simply can not be the only person that suffers from this stuff!  I refuse to believe that I am!

Yet, here I am pounding away at a keyboard, my carpel tunnel (inflicted from playing volleyball, typing, and scooping ice cream as a teenager at an arcade - seriously NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER let your child scoop hard serve ice cream for a living, especially if they have flaky tendons.)  Oh yeah, I've seen Dragon Naturally Speaking, it's a cool toy.  I guess there is this professor that used to come into the computer store that writes most of his stuff with it, but he was a little off if you know what I mean.  Fun toy, but not a practical keyboard replacement.  Even the Google tool on Google Voice that my husband uses to translate his voicemail to text so he can understand it (hearing issues, voicemail is a nightmare) only gets a 75% on good days.  At least it's good for a laugh.
Why oh why can't I just think my words onto the page?  I mean, yeah I know brainwaves make voice patterns seem like a piece of cake, but think of the speed once it actually gets working. I mean a person can only speak so fast, and in modern times it's not even as fast as most teens can type.  60wpm is so 1980s!  Think about it!  If you were thinking your text, sure you need some focus which I clearly lack (or a heck of a good mulitask comprehension on the thought based interface), but it's only limited by the speed at which it can comprehend your thoughts.

So many times I have ideas for this blog, solutions for work, and email to a friend, a status update for Facebook, and I just want to get it done, but I can't because my hands are occupied with my other reality, being a mom.  Or maybe I'm working on something with my hands, but I want to document the process, but my hands are dirty or busy and hitting the keys is just not going to happen.  I guarantee you, if my brain was doing the typing and the thinking there'd be way more crap I haven't published in my list of posts and less missing days for reading.

Not a brain scientist though, so no thoughts on making it happen, sorry guys, but if you want me to don a helmet for some testing.  I'm your gal!  Shoot me an email anytime.

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