Friday, October 8, 2010

Dream Machine

I'm sure you've had quite enough of my whine for the last two days so here is some cheese.

Several years ago the first Final Fantasy movie came out.  After missing it in the theater (I was still a beginning FF freak then), we saw it super cheap on VHS, remember what those are?  Anyway, my now sister's husband recommended it as a good movie, which it is very enjoyable, and we picked it up.  Ever since the first time I saw it I was instantly jealous of a simple piece of tech that is standard equipment in the movie:  the dream recorder.

Sure, lots of movies and stories employ the dream recorder, okay, maybe not lots, but several do.  I hinted at how much I'd love one of this early this week when I talked about brain typing, but I think it is definitely worth a longer look, besides it's Friday and who really wants to think about something serious today?

In the movie the dream recorder helps the protagonist to commune with the alien entity that has infected her body and ultimately leads to the understanding needed to resolve the story without blowing up the planet.  That's some pretty powerful tech right there!  My desires are more mundane.  I find my dreams to be some quality entertainment and since I've never been much for keeping a journal (although I do have a few dream journals here and there) I want a chance to replay, hone, and print the stories that run through my mind each night.  Sure some of them are heavily influenced by whatever show I'm watching at the time.  Quite a few involve a certain immortal of which there can be only one, or the last of the Time Lords, both of which would be problematic to self publication other than fan fic, which I'm am not a fan of.  Oh and we should probably discard pretty much anything inspired by the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling as well, shame that, especially as the dreams I've had rarely deal with her main characters, but rather the reality of her world...

So we put on our recorder and we go to bed, and we wake up to mystery theater television.  Seriously, a very cool idea.  Not to mention a great chance to examine the unconscious mind in action.  Sure Sure, most of my dreams are of the entertainment variety, but others, well it's obvious when there is an issue I want to resolve.  I hate issues, I really do, so to me this idea of reviewing played out scenarios for likelihood of successful probability, it's just appealing.

Oh who am I kidding, I just want to delve into the cheap entertainment in my head 24-7, if you had my crazed head, you would too.

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