Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Read and Participate on FRIDAY

Unless you've been in a net hole (or you don't read any of the same sites I do) then you know about the girl who was the subject of bullying do to her interest in Star Wars.  Here's the original post by her mom.  This has been picked up by many groups and there is a movement in effect to have tomorrow (Friday Dec 10th) be Star Wars Pride Day, to help break down barriers and stop bullying.  If you can please where something geeky or Star Wars, or carry a cool water bottle.  This is for a 1st grade girl named Katie, who was teased because of her choice to be who she is, a girl that loves Star Wars.  Here is the facebook event page you can join if you do that sort of thing.

Why do we have to break things down into 'boy things' and 'girl things'?  It just drives me nuts.  I hate pink, I always have.  My first boyfriend absolutely LOVED the color.  He wore it whenever he could, but it sure didn't make him popular with the other guys.  No, he didn't turn out to be gay either.  I love geeky stuff.  Star Wars was my favorite film growing up, but my kids are somewhat hesitant to like it because it's not a "princess movie", seriously?  You have to have that requirement?  It's just frustrating.  I've had several conversations with my daughters about there not being "boy colors" and "girl colors", but I don't think it has stuck.  We still battle it everyday.

To increase the irony, my oldest daughter didn't even like princesses at all, until her little sister was big enough to love them.  She liked dresses ok, but then when her little sister wanted to wear them everyday.... you can see where this is going.  I can only hope that when my son starts making his own decisions the pendulum will swing back into a balance.  He already likes dolls (honestly what baby doesn't, they love faces and dolls are 3D faces they can touch).

Sure there are differences in the genders, but they aren't drawn on the lines of Star Wars vs Disney Princess.  If they are, then I guess I'm coming out of the closet now and forever more as I've had more than my fill of the "pink aisle".

Tomorrow I will be wearing something Star Wars!  I hope you do as well.

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