Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Week w/ A Plan

Ok, so it's officially been break week for the schools and I had this glorious idea of what all I'd accomplish this week.  As usual I planned a practical set of goals for the realistic time and then added other 800 things I want to do.  Which leads us to where we are now at the midpoint (or rather over the midpoint since Friday and Saturday will be spent in holiday cheer, most likely.)

My original goal for the week was simple, get caught up on work, clean out my closet, and to make treats with the kiddos.  Of course I also want to spend time relaxing with my family, watch a couple Christmas movies and the like, maybe do a craft or two that's been piling up on the craft with an adult shelf.  Oh and I wanted to go to the library on Wednesday with everyone (check this off right now, that's where I am).  Oh and we have to go see Santa because my oldest daughter blew it and didn't get to go when I took the other kids.  Oh and then there's this other thing, and this thing, and man I really seem to need to catch up on my sleep, because I've been seriously tired!

Ok, so how have I done.  Work, hmmm well I was working on that before I started this, but then I learned that you can't connect to the secure server at the library (that or it's down right now) so not getting a ton done, must get buffer stuff running!  The closet.......hahahaha!!!!!  That's a joke right?  Ok, closet, nope hasn't happened, not even in the slightest, in fact there's laundry waiting to add to the chaos that is the closet.  Making treats, this is actually going ok.  So far we've made popcorn balls and double tundra snowball cookies (minus the plutonium). Tonight the girls want to try some sort of cut out, I'll probably do shortbread again as it doesn't have a long cooling period in the fridge AND I like it better than sugar cookies.

Santa is scheduled for this afternoon.  The tree is decorated, the presents (except one notable camera for my 3 year old, of which I still haven't found a case for) are all wrapped, labeled, with a bow, and under the tree.  So far the only movie we've actually watched is Rudolf and that was last week and I missed most of, sigh.  White Christmas is in the player, I can hope can't I?

Friends are scheduled to come over on Friday.  Saturday is scheduled to be all family all day (just us).  Monday is the big friends get-together.  Tuesday we visit with Grandma and Grampa and by the time that visit is over, it's back to the normal grind, uggh.

There is still general cleaning that needs to happen before Friday.  I guess the closet gets pushed off again.

That's ok, that's the room that can go.  It just seems to be the least important space right now.  There are only a few of us that use it, and it's generally out of sight.  My bedroom can remain trashed and my closet a disaster, after all it's the only closet in this house!!!!

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