Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Lusty Sexy Day

I've been asked several times what I'm going to do for Valentine's Day this year.  Do?  Really?  People seriously do stuff for Valentine's Day?  Here on Paper Napkins on the Edge of Insanity I do try to promote holiday awareness and to help spread the joy and happiness of so many wonderful holidays that aren't lucky enough to be on Hallmark's top 10.  We do celebrate many "normal" holidays as well.  However, I just don't get Valentine's Day.

Well, I mean sure I get it on some level.  It's about relationships and coming out of our winter caves to reconnect with people and remind us to be civil and sociable and to love.  Oh and it's all about lust and sex, at least if you walk through your local grocery or department store you should be sure to get that message.  After all, if the flowers aren't getting you there, you can try the more direct approach of cheap lingerie (or you could go for the good really sexy stuff, but you won't be finding that at Walmart.), and of course, if all else fails there's always diamonds.  Yeah, because you know I just had that extra couple grand laying around and I was wondering how I was ever going to spend it without pissing off my spouse/significant other.

I was not blessed with a Catholic culture, so I know nothing really about St. Valentine, in whose name we promote all kinds of NSFW concepts.  Although, a quick trip over to Wikipedia suggests that maybe that wouldn't have helped in this case.   Anyway, I never really did anything for Valentines.  I mean I bought Valentine cards for all my classmates, and I still have a very soft spot for those chalky valentine hearts that taste like pepto bismol in a powdered candy form.

My kids will be celebrating Valentine's Day at their respective schools.  Me, I'll be hoping they go to bed like good children, and I'll see if I'm doing anything for Valentine's Day.

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