Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Note

Wow, it's been so crazy this week.  And we got tweeted for the first time!  I don't do twitter myself, but I wanted to say an extra special HI to everyone that came by to see how we are now organizing hair things (and someday storing wine - it's been a long time since I've bought wine, but someday right?)

When it's crazy I don't get to type as much.

Orcrist hasn't been typing either, although he keeps mentioning a LEGO post for any LEGO fans out there, you can look forward to that, eventually .....

I'm still juggling bits and pieces of 5 blogs, but if The Statue Tarnishes is any clue, it may be months before any of them are actually realized, although I hope it's much sooner as I'm keeping many tabs open with reference materials.

I'm also tossing around thoughts and ideas about a semi-autobiographical story.  I'm not sure what will happen with it, but the intro is down in text and the ideas are swirling, we shall see.

I've also learned that I need to be more detailed with my theme as some off-site comments are reflecting that I'm not being clear enough with my point of writing.  So for that I apologize and would like to remind all of you that most of these posts are written in short spurts while watching 3 kids or late at night.  Additionally, I intentionally write one draft as a stream of consciousness (just like if you were talking to me in person - aren't you glad you don't try that!) and I do not go back and edit anything more than the occasional sentence and the glaringly horrid spelling errors.  Something about the dyslexia and spelling, I don't remember now.

Additionally, while I don't like focusing on politics (I hate talking about politics!), the events in Egypt have me watching more news than I regularly do and it is inevitable that examples or concepts will be here even if they aren't politics exactly (sorta like my using Reagan as an example of the way childhood images tarnish in adulthood creating a loss of innocent idealism).  I hope that this doesn't last and weigh everything down.

So someday you can look forward to my thoughts on the Tiger Mom (or not), some economics, life and death, some more game reviews, the point of having a government and why they fail, or not, who knows there are a few others that are even older in my unfinished folder, so you never know what may or may not get posted.

In case you didn't see this video already, enjoy this.  I laughed a lot and that's not normal for me.  I would love to find the rest of this category, but this is just great.

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  1. I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for that. Shared it with co-workers, too.


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