Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer Request for Brighton

Last fall my friend had a baby boy named Brighton, he is a beautiful happy boy, but he is suspected to have MITO (mitochondrial disease), and as such his body is failing him.  He can not digest normal foods, he has a feeding tube into his stomach and even this is failing him as he vomits most of his feeds.  Last week it was my honor to take him to Seattle for surgery for a better tube, and my great saddness that this surgery (attempted twice in two days) was not successful.  Both times they went into his stomach and noticed problems with his organs.  They pushed a new tube in, but were unable to get a tube into his small intestine as the valve was closed firm and would not open.  Without that valve opening food can not be digested properly and he will not be able to grow bigger (he looks like he is only a couple months old he's so small already).  The stress and actions of his organs as observed at the hospital were also worrying.  Please pray for healing and comfort for this little boy.  He is home with his loving family right now, but next week he and his mother will be traveling back to Children's Hospital in Seattle to try once again to complete this surgery.  He is being given feeds, but they are not all going in.

(A little basic Biology for those that slept through biology class:  Your stomach breaks down your food and begins the absorbtion process, but mostly it breaks down food so that the small intestine, the long winding tubes of your abdomin, can absorb the nutrients slowly as they wind their way through the coiled passages.  The small intestine has high absorbtive smooth muscular walls, and this is really where nutrients enter your blood and go where they are needed in the body.)

MITO is really really difficult to explain and understand.  It involves the mitochondria (the power houses) of the cell having bad mDNA (they have their own DNA seperate from those that combined from your Mom and Dad to make you, you.)  As a result your mitochondria come mostly from your maternal line and mDNA is frequently used to see the country of orgin for your where your ancestors came from as it is directly inherited (doesn't really change from generation to generation).  However, it can experience mutations, and that is typically what happens here.  

Here is a website that explains MITO some:

Thank you for your time and your prayers.  

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  1. Praying for Brighton here at Camp Grizzly. Poor little guy. I hope they can fix him up and he can live a relatively normal life.


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