Monday, June 20, 2011

Today: Brighton

Hopefully, if all goes according to plan Brighton and his Mom will be flying to Seattle Children's hospital in the morning.  He will go in for surgery once again in the afternoon and he will hopefully be finally getting food into his intestines and digesting the nutrients and start to grow!  Please pray for this.  If tomorrow's surgery fails the next step is so scary, a central line would have to be put in.  These can have so many complications and Brighton is so small still.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I hope to write about our trip to Seattle and all sorts of crazy off the wall stuff soon.  Things have just been so crazy!  I got to help settle a friend after her kids got caught in the middle of a police raid that resulted in gunfire!  So glad I missed that bit of crazy!

UPDATE:  As of one hour ago Mom and Baby are in the air with my Uncle.  The skies are clear with no more than scattered wisps of clouds along the mountains.  The flight will be direct and mostly uneventful through the grace of God.  I will update this post again when I have more information!

UPDATE 2:  They landed safely and Brighton is at Children's Hospital.  They are prepping him for surgery.  The doctors are very nervous and will not be putting Brighton under as it is too risky.  He will be awake for the surgery like he was last Friday.  Prayers are needed for this crucial step!!!

UPDATE 3:  Brighton's surgery has been declared a success.  I don't have details at this time, I believe this means the J tube is fixed in place.  4 doctors participated in this delicate surgery.

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  1. PTL!! But I will continue praying that he grows and thrives as a normal little boy!


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