Saturday, October 8, 2011

Geek Girl Con: Day 1 - Nerves -> Geekvana!

Day 1 Geek Girl Con is over for us. Wow what a day! We had a rather rough start, while Orcrist had a blast designing a game, they made a little squares based board game called Farmers vs Killer Bunnies. They had one overly analytical team member, but the team leader (industry volunteer) kept her from running away with the game. A little bummed I couldn't compete too, but Ver3 was a handful and the girls would have gotten bored.

We made it to a whopping two panels and regrettably missed the steampunk panel, but I did get my Kindle signed by Cherie Priest, who wrote Boneshaker, which was awesome! My daughters also shot her with their blasters.

We did make it to the YA Authors panel. It was really good. The authors had all written books I've meant to read, but haven't yet, but they also talked quite a bit about the world of Young Adult fiction and why writing Young Adult can allow you to be more creative and transformative with you story. I was also surprised they don't really watch the profanity, something to know I guess! Oh and if you haven't read a Wrinkle In Time yet, you better hurry because a brand new graphic novel version will be coming out next October!!!!!!! Also there us a new collaborative book on bullying coming out and from what they shared at the panel it sounds like it will be a fascinating read.

Panels with the kids was mostly a no go though. Ver3 just wanted to crawl under chairs. Ver2 did okay, but was bored a lot and went a boneless. Ver1 really enjoyed them, but got tired too.

While we were missing the steampunk panel we were inundated by cosplay paparazzi!!!!! Walking across Seattle Center in costume took us almost 45 mins! Ver2 eventually got to the point she refused to have her picture taken and started hiding behind us. She was awesome for 100 photos or so. Seriously, look for them all over the web come Monday or wait for me to post some at the bottom, oh and possibly on the Seattle news, especially in the background when they were lightsabre dueling with Katie (Star Wars Katie!) whose Mom and her are just simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! They even hung out with us for the mascarade, all the girls as Star Wars characters.

We wrapped up with diner in downtown via the monorail which was just perfect, even though we were still in costume!

So tired, and my feet are sore, but I'm also pumped up on adrenaline and I've met so many nice people!!! Even here at our hotel!


  1. Cool! See girls aren't so bad. I'm a girl after all, and you don't mind me, even though I can be a bit girly at times.:)

  2. I read your comment this morning and it got me thinking. After my initial, "OMG! It's going to be rooms full of girls what the H*LL was I thinking?" I didn't have any "all girl" anxiety at all. In fact I have NEVER been so comfortable at a woman's themed event EVER! Unfortunately, I don't think I'm over my paranoia of "girl groups".


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