Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What they're saying

Not only did we have an amazing time at Geek Girl Con, but we were noticed by lots of people.  If you follow me on Google+ you know we had a bit of a paparazzi issue once the kids were in costume.  People coming up snapping photos (although many asked if they could - and I generally allowed it), people talking with my daughters - which they opened up to a lot more than I thought they would.  Well, I guess we made impacts on others as well.  Several bloggers have mentioned the "little girl in the white Leia dress with a giant blaster and a baby doll", well that's our beloved Ver2 there, who just by being herself seems to epitomize what it means to be a geek girl.  You are both a geek and a girl, you don't have to give up the girl side.

When my kids made fast friends with "Star Wars Girl" Katie (a person I was really hoping they'd get to meet, and was amazed by), it was inevitable that we'd be highlighted on her blog space.  Go ahead and look, it's a great picture!  Here's a great photo with a lot of the kid cosplayers from the con too, we played with all of them and a pair dressed as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer.

EDIT:  Another picture :)  I knew this was coming when I was asked to hold a pink flamingo named Verne.  We are at the end.  You will notice Ver2 is missing.  She is hiding behind me because she was done with people asking for her picture.

Just thought I'd share  :)  Picture post here when I get the camera downloaded.... It will be a first on paper napkins :)



  1. I wonder if that is what it would take to get my kids to tire of having their pictures taken :) I'm not sure even THAT would do it. In a lot of ways our kids have opposite personalities to yours. It sounds like your girls acted more like Jeremiah and Angela's "normal" while at GeekGirlCon (did I say that right? I told you I have no idea about this stuff. I only had a vague idea even what you were talking about when you mentioned you were going.). I'm really thrilled for your girls that they met people more like them (and you:))

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  3. A few more things from around the web.

    The guys at Good Games Media walked around and did interviews. Our kids appear at about 1:35 for a few seconds on this video.

    One of the nice Jedi ladies took some awesome pictures of the con and our kids, including the best costume contest ones I have found and a few of Yoda running around.

    Here is a much lower quality vblog where we show up at about 1:18


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