Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars

Just a quick fly-by as things are crazy crazy crazy - the weekend should bring a different nature to my month as all goes into holiday mode....

I hope you all get the chance to observe a very special event this Friday!  Friday December 16th marks the 1 year anniversary of the internet community response to the Star Wars related bullying of Katie.  We even addressed the issue here on Paper Napkins.  This year we are honoring the spirit of that event with Katie, her family, her school, and the internet community at large, with Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day (or Proud To Be Me Day - if Star Wars isn't really your thing.)  If you are able, wear a Star Wars shirt this Friday, or something that reflects your interests, and share it with others.  And if you are financially able, take a toy that reflects your interest and donate it to a local hospital or toy drive - make sure you specify with a post-it note or taped note that your gift is for a girl or a boy, otherwise they will follow the manufacturer's advertised gender only (which is usually unnecessarily divisive - and what caused the bullying of Katie in the first place!)

Check out Katie's Mom's blog for more information!

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  1. And my daughter loves Hot Wheels! Who cares what they're into. Not every girl likes Barbies and My Little Pony. Well, mine do, but they like other things, too!


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