Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Importance of Touch

A little something different for you today.

The Importance of Touch

Your hand glides across my back, envolping it in touch
Instantly I feel so small
I know my place in the universe
How little I truly am
You make me safe in this place
In this time
Here I am safe
I am loved

You bring me to my senses, grounded in reality
Brought back to myself
I am reminded of who I am, my life
Of where I am important
You provide me with comfort in this exsistence
In the past
In the future
Here with you

You reach for my hand, clasping our fingers together
I am grounded in our committment
I know I will never walk alone
How we are united
You garantee security through all of our travels
For this moment
Anywhere we may go
You complete me

---- KtC

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