Monday, September 19, 2011

Ye Pirate Ship Hercules Set Sail - Pirate follow up!

Fer those what can't read it:  Welcome aboard the Hercules (name of school mascot)
formerly a frigate of the Brittish Navy
Now under the command of Captain Axman <-- and don't ye ferget!

There is also a found hook that appears to have been lost by someone.

A parrot

Thar be pirates here!

The Rules:  Mind ye Captain ye scallywags or be seein' t' Davy Jones

Arr, it be a treasure map!

Thar be piraty table cloths but ye picture be too blurry!

Arr all the scallywags walked the plank!

The wee landlubbers eyes grew misty and filled the hold with battle cries of joy.  Me matey told pirate tales.  While the decorative booty twas small the plunder of joy was great.  (it was really hard to find anything piratey.  Apparently it's a summer theme?  I did get some pirates of the Carribean table clothes to cover the serving tables, but the picture came out blurry.  There were also a couple more hats lying about.)  Aye, it will be a day fer rememberin'!

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