Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Random Tabs

I have more than 70 tabs open in my main browser, so that means it's time for another random tabs day!

I bring you lots of distraction (I think I'm pretty loaded up here). So if you are watching the woot-off and need something to engage your senses, and occasionally your mind, then I've got some links for you!  If you're just having a boring day at the office, home, or whatever, these should hook you up as well.

First will start with a nice little video you can share in  your next flame war, thanks to Wil Wheaton and his friends over on Google+.  (warning it has sound and does use the nickname for Richard in a derogatory way)

Now that we know it's ok to not like things (and honestly, it would be a very very boring if we all did like the same things!) Let's look at exercise!  I hate running!  There I said it.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  But in this I do agree with our First Lady, obesity is a serious problem, gym memberships are expensive and not always practical (I can't seem to find a time to go or someone to go with) and running is cheap good exercise, even if it is dull, monotonousness, makes my knees hurt, and unless you are already skinny you look stupid doing it in the street.... and in some cases even if you are skinny, especially when it's some ungodly hour when only bankers and other truly nuts people are awake.  Ok, some people like running, my oldest daughter is one of them (thankfully she feels the same way as me about mornings though), and it's not like I haven't given it a try, my high school volleyball coach saw to that... "6 minute miles for all" <--- UGGGH.

Anyway, I still think this looks like a neat idea.  It's a kickstarter game for your smartphone I found it here <-- but if you go check that site be aware, it's written by a guy who has no problem tossing around the crude and vulgar.  It's also described by it's aspiring developers here.  It's a running game called Zombies, Run!  You start the game, earbuds locked in place, then in between your custom zombie avoiding playlist you get special commands, instructions, and bits of story, while you huff your way to gathering power-ups, med packs, and weapons for the zombie base.  Unfortunately, your local maps and topography don't come in to play, but that does mean it can be used while your hiding on that over-expensive running machine that seems to collect dust in the corner - unless you already turned that into a standing computer desk.

So now that you've had a run, how about a nice walk through a local museum.  We don't have any proper museums here, or near here (MAJOR SADS!), but if you do and they are on this list.  Then you can participate in museum day on September 24th.  (there is no order to the Smithsonian affiliate list page, so be sure to check all the pages!)  You can't just show up and get in for free though, so after you've verified your museum, go here to get your free admittance for two!  I'd suggest going early, when the museum is full, even if you have a pass you won't get in... something about occupancy rules and fire and crowd safety.

If art is more your thing, or you just want to get creative, maybe you need to learn to Steal Like an Artist?  Ok, I just loved this list.  Some of it is obvious to me, and a few of them were, well, I'd never seen it put so simply.  A great list to get you motivated, I highly recommend it!  Remember to read the whole thing, not just the top list.

Would you rather help medical science?  Ever thought we'd be better off if we could just be monitored, if only we could trust those doing the monitoring?  Well you aren't alone.  Now we have a tatt for that!  As in the child friendly stick on tattoo.  How cool is that?  Monitor your heart, or whatever the benefit to society is great, the chance for abuse doubly so.  As an idea I'm all for the immediate awareness of ourselves.  I think as a culture we do a lot to ignore our humanness.  If we just kept records of what we feel, when and some basic biological measures we'd all be a lot healthier and our doctors would have a lot more to work with.  I have two women's health apps I use, but I find myself slack when I go to write my emotions, symptoms, and whatnot.  Some days I'm doing good to check in at all.

Maybe if we were monitoring our blood we wouldn't be so shocked as we are by the news circling the web yet again that men experience a drop in testosterone after the birth of a child, or the tears of a woman.  I thought this was a well known phenomenon?  I mean it's even in the some of the baby books I read and I'm sure it was in my Anatomy and Physiology class.  Anyway, yes domesticating men, really does domesticate them.  A man who is a good father will not be as aggressive or take as big of risks as a single man with no commitment to the future generation.  And the science is behind that too!  (btw you don't have to be the biological dad, but the acting dad gets the testosterone knock out too!)

More interested in the female side of the baby making equation?  Then you can enjoy knowing that science is still baffled by the female orgasm and what it does or doesn't mean?  I got a good laugh, I hope you do too!

What about when it's time to educate those kids.  Sure we've learned that TV is bad, especially fast paced TV like Spongebob (no I didn't save that tab).  And if you follow me on facebook you know that unrealistic parents continue to bail out their unruly kids by taking it out on their teachers (I'm pretty sure I closed that one too), but what about some hope?  Can being a geek and encouraging geek and STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning (especially at early ages) help our kids be better equipped in the future and MORE excited to be in school?

Boy I sure hope so!  Or else I might as well be that 30 something whose death was chanted for by the audience at the debates last night - and if that doesn't make you sick to your stomach, maybe you need to ask yourself why not!  Because it's apparent that those with Aspergers and Autism Spectrum don't seem to have that problem.

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