Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introducing Our First Guest Writer

When I originally started writing here last summer, I really wanted my husband to be a guest writer.  He so wants to write, but he doesn't have enough time or content for his own blog.  I repeatedly offered space here on Paper Napkins on the Edge of Insanity, and finally he has decided that he will take me up on my offer and has been preparing a note on invention he would like to see implemented.  This is one of the goals of Paper Napkins; to describe new invention, but something that sadly takes a lot longer to write up than my usual blather that you all get stuck with.  I'm so glad he is taking the time to get this written for you (and for me!  Less pressure to throw up some random thing!)

So I suppose the man needs an introduction.  I've known this man for 13.5 years or so.  When I first came to college he was simply a friendly face in my all too freaking early 8am math class.  He became my note taking sucker, and made sure I didn't miss any exams.  We found we had more classes in common and more and more interests.  Eventually, I persuaded him that I was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and I have yet to get tired of listening to his insane ideas.

I hope you all enjoy his special sense of rambling as much as you do mine (but not more, this is my space after all and I'm selfish that way ;p ) I know this first article is quite verbose, and he spends a great deal more time composing his thoughts than I do.  Therefore you can enjoy a very short post today.

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  1. I love how you shared such a sweet story of how you grew in your relationship together. I learned something new!! I look forward to reading more of his writings and yours!!


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