Monday, January 31, 2011

And The Clean-Out Has Begun

Every year it seems I set my goal on getting my  house organized.  I know I spent a great deal of time this summer talking about some of my struggles I have with a lack of storage and an overabundance of half-functional items.  Yet, every year, I try to make things less chaotic.  I attempt to evict the dust bunny breeding colonies.  And I make the ever more futile attempt to keep the girls' bedroom organized and the toy and stuffed animal (I swear they reproduce while I'm sleeping) storage under control.  With a late January birthday, it seems I got a late start this year, although last year I didn't start at all so there was also twice as much to tackle.

Chinese New Year falls on Thursday of this week, and the period up to this date is official cleaning time!  Unfortunately, in this country not so much as in Asia.  Still, it is an honorable goal.  With no decorating happening it's as good of a time to clean out as any.  I had planned on doing several things for New Years this year, but with my daughter's kindergarten winter production on Friday, meetings half of this week, and my failure in locating Chinese currency for money envelopes.  (Did you know the bank can't get you foreign currency anymore?  Well not in guaranteed denominations for school projects - I was going to take envelopes for her class.)  Next year I'll have to plan ahead and see if I can get an international student to bring some back from their travels.
Anyway, I would still like to clean out the "bad luck" ie dust and clutter and start off the year of the rabbit off well.  A couple weekends ago it became apparent that the girls' bedroom had gotten severely out of control.  They have no closet and there is no hanging space so all of their clothes must go in drawers.  This is a bit tricky for a 6 year old and a 3 year old, but the 6 year old is getting better.  Unfortunately, once the piles and folding gets disorderly, it only gets worse and worse.

About half way into the project my husband suggested that I pull everything out of their room and then clean and put it all back.  Sometimes he's a genius!  Unfortunately, it's a big job and despite best efforts it's still an ongoing process.  How long do you think the girls can keep it nice?

Next up will be the toy room.  It's in an extremely sorry state and doubles as the in house storage.  I wonder if we'll conquer it before school ends....

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