Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Appologies Through Dictation

Once again my son has a cold. This means I haven't been able to get to my keyboard and I haven't been able to write, which has been very very frustrating for me. In fact, I'm not even typing this blog really, I'm dictating into my iPhone. I wish this dictation program was better. I would just sit here and tell you everything that's been on my mind. I have so much to want to say, so much I need to get out of my head, out onto napkins.

Isn't that the way of life though, every time you want to break, every time you need a chance to sort things out, everything comes crashing down. Just in the last two weeks is made so many observations I want to share with you all. Remembered plans and ideas often enhanced by something I've seen that would totally work now just with the added pieces of new information, new designs that I'd love to share, and unfortunately as much as I hate politics I have so many more wanderings, so many more thoughts and questions on those ideas; observations, questions, queries, possibilities, all sorts of exploratory searching I'd love to share on these pages.

As I lay here next to my sleeping son talking to my phone in the dark, I wonder if it's best if I dictate out all this craziness is driving me to insanity, clogging my mind that could give you much needed content especially considering the last several poorly represented weeks. Even while I strive to keep a writing schedule the needs of my family, the pressing issues of my job, not to mention being stuck on part of it when I'm supposed to be doing so much, and just everything else in my life seems to be pulling me further and further away from a keyboard, further and further away from this insane project that has managed to help my sanity more this year than anything I've tried before.

Yet surprisingly, I find this dictation, correction, edit, copy, and paste system of writing a post to be extremely tedious. As much as I want to clear my head of all the ramblings, of the cool idea for incorporating the new automated cars, my concepts on point of origin, and the things I loved last weekend and I just want to share with you, the things I learned about my family and my community, all of that will have to wait until I can get my keyboard. Thank you all for your tolerance and your continued reading. Knowing you come to see these pages, really is a bright spot in my life.


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  1. The demise of Mommies everywhere: wanting to spend every minute with your kids, especially when they really need you, but also needing to have "you" time. We will wait patiently until baby boy is himself again. Hopefully there are enough napkins lying around that you won't completely lose all those cool ideas!
    SC relative


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