Friday, March 11, 2011


I still feel absolutely cruddy, and am on my way back to bed (where I've been all afternoon), but I could not in good conscious not get this post up by Friday!

Monday marks my favorite MATH HOLIDAY of the year!  Pi (pie) Day!!!!!

If you have never celebrated before, start simple, some youtube videos (check back on Monday - I think I can promise that much), and a delicious pie are a great way to start.  You may want to brush up on your basic geometry (and a few digits of pi) if you are going out in public in any Pi Day attire.

If you have young children and don't feel up to explaining pi, just think circles!  This is a great holiday every 3-14, (extra special celebration time @ 1:59)  So get ready, after this weekend, we are going to have a PARTY!

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