Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pi Day Wrap Up and Condoms

While my health and social life has been keeping me from working on a proper post.  I felt I need to at least sit here at this ungodly AM hour and give you an update on the wonderful, and crazy time that was Pi Day for our family.

Since I am still sick my wonderful husband prepped the children with videos and helping them to remember that pi has to do with circles and the ever important sequence of 3.14.  So when I came to, and crawled my migraine-ing self to the social rooms of the house, I was greeted with circle happy 3.14 shouting (every time you said the word pie) children.

After naps and rest time, which still don't coordinate with the older two children who wake up just as the baby finally goes down, (Sadly, the same feels true in the evenings.) the decision was made that Mommy was up for going out for pi day and we would go out for pizza and then out more for pie.  After a little hub-bub, and some more 3.14, what is diameter, what is radius, what does pi mean, we were off on our evening adventure!

We had a wonderfully fun time at Pizza Hut, where we really never go, mostly because when we do pizza we tend to either make it ourselves or order in.  I learned that my 6 year old kindergartener can easily complete the place mat challenges without any assistance on my behalf, other than the occasional help with spelling in the crossword puzzle.  My 3 year old enjoyed coloring the mat and told me all the letters in the word find.  The baby proceeded to insist that it took far too long for pizza to be cooked, having no interest in the cereal we brought for him, and throwing his mat on the floor.  The pizza brought on more circle talk and the discussion of fractions. Of which my kindergartener was surprisingly comfortable with as long as you avoided the confusing term of "quarter".  Both girls comfortably found the diameter of the pizza and knew full well when the pizza was half gone.

We then left across town to Sharis, where we sought to enjoy some pie for our finally pi day celebration.  Much to our delight, as we pulled in to park we saw our friends in their van just getting out.  It was quickly decided that since we had all come for pi day pie that we would sit together.  Two 6 year old girls gleefully skipped in, one 4 year old boy and one 3 year old girl followed them, my friend and I sat across from the four older children and our amazing husbands grabbed high chairs and sat with our two 1 year old sons.  The kids gabbed and chatted.  We talked with our friends, and my friend kidnapped my iphone and we began taking pictures around, much to the kids' delight.

During this time, one of the strangest things I've ever encountered in this college town happened.  This lady, whom I did not get a good look at, but have been informed was a middle aged woman, came by our table, threw a handful of condoms at my friend's husband (really between the babies, but with enough force they slid to him), and shouted, "Next time, use them!" as she ran past the counter and out the door.

The whole incident happened so quickly, we barely had a chance to register her words and see the condoms before it was over.  Sadly, there was no chance for any kind of response on our behalf.  Ironically, my friend (who was sitting next to his adopted son, of a different race) was the recipient of the condoms.  Obviously, not an immediate factor in them increasing their family, as they are currently awaiting the opportunity to welcome an adopted daughter, whom I saw the cutest pictures of this past evening.

It's been a full day plus since and we are still laughing hysterically over this event!  I grew up surrounded by families with 7, 8, and 9 or more children.  I always thought my family was weird for only being my sister and I.  Personally, I think it is more important the quality of parenting, over the quantity of children.  I am often jealous of my friends with more kids, as they have more hands to do all the mundane tasks, always have someone needing a cuddle, and more stories than there are hours in the day!  (Not to mention the older sibling babysitters!!!!)

So, in the end we ended up with even more circles than we planned on, even if my friends horded the condoms for themselves.  Thankfully, none of the children noticed the crazy lady, or her gifts as they were busy with one another and taking pictures with my phone.  So no awkward explanation was necessary for the added circles in our celebration.

I hope you all had a wonderful Pi Day and a great week!!!!

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  1. I checked out the great pics of the kids on Goomba's blog. What a crazy occurence!
    I miss your e-mails, though. Write soon.
    SC relative


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