Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring

Our spring break was this past week, not that you all noticed, because things have been tearing out at a break neck pace and that means the blog gets limited content updates.  At least until I can find a better way to speak them from my phone or get that direct neural link (especially if it works in my shower, am I the only person who does their best thinking in the shower?  No, of course I'm not!  Just ask Dr. Rodney McKay.)

Anyway, we spent all of last week spring breaking.  We didn't get a thing I wanted to done, but we did a whole lot of stuff I didn't plan.  My washer broke, so my amazing husband and kids all went and picked out a new one while I was sick.  My daughter got the experiment phase of her science fair project finished and we would all love to get some hamsters now.  My pantry had to be completely gutted (which gave the opportunity to bleach the walls and floors in the pantry and the diaper table area) so that the new clothes washer could be brought in after I was finally able to go and see it on Saturday (in a hail storm followed by snow, no less!).  I ran and ran and ran all week, I barely touched my computer, and I have an even longer list of things to write about and get done.  It never ends!

Tonight when I finish here I am going to try to whip up a first for our house.  A daily chores list for everyone in the family, well Ver3, being only a year old might be excluded, but his laundry won't be.  Laundry has been an albatross for me my whole life and I'm just sick of it killing the times that I just really don't want to deal with it.  I'm also really really sick of it piling up.  Most of my few pet peeves are laundry related, so you can see why this is my motivator.  I've decided I want to run no more than two loads of regular needs laundry a day and if at all possible I want to avoid weekend washings.

I also want the girls to fold and put away their own laundry.  I'd love to have my oldest actually use the washing machine, but since she is in school all day that'd push us back to weekends, so for now I guess we'll do her laundry since we are home all day and she isn't.  So since Mondays and Tuesdays tend to get used for stuff (Monday is currently a 4H day), I've decided the girls' laundry will be on Wednesday, with them sorting and bringing out their laundry before bed on Tuesday night.  So then I need to add a day for the baby's wash (probably not the same day, that's too many kids clothes for one day), hubby's and my clothes (we typically wash these together as we share a laundry pile), towels and linens.  Not too bad overall.  So we'll put all that on the chart.  That works.  Now all the other tasks that are getting obscene.

Hmmm bathrooms, I always fall behind on bathrooms (please don't look in mine, the guest/kids bathroom is alright though).  I guess I should assign bathroom cleaning chores.  I want to keep it to 20 mins a night no more though, and bathrooms take longer, hey we can break those up, so floors, sink, and tub (I still do the toilets, those will go on my list, oh yay).  Picking up brothers toys, that's never ending, ok, it can be filler.  Dishes, another huge issue in this house.  Hmm maybe when the new dishwasher gets here this week we'll work that out since the current dishwasher has door damage that may or may not have been helped along by children climbing onto the door to get dishes out.

Oy, it's late!  I better open up photoshop and get going!


  1. Laundry schedule is working, the rest we hope to have in effect starting next Monday (we are going to wait until the new dishwasher is in). So far the kids are excited, we'll see how long that lasts.

  2. Honey, keep me updated. Maybe even e-mail a file with the list, if you actually typed it up in some format. I need to get my kids involved in chores! My Little Princess still believes the world revolves around her and we're all here to serve her. Gotta work on that...
    SC relative

  3. Sorry to hear about the appliances but so thankful for your new appliances. I can't wait to see your new washer. Maybe it will convince my hubby to get me one. :) I'm glad the kids are excited about laundry schedule and chores. I'm still working on my household management guide. It's a work in progress. :)


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