Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to Take 5

We had a most wonderful visit with my inlaws, even if it was ridiculously short for how infrequently we see them, oh well.  As a consultation to all the activity and changes going on I planned a nice relaxed, nothing planned weekend, except we still ended up hopping from on function to the next on Saturday.  It was my four year old who truly humbled me on Saturday night around midnight.  She was up with her usual nightmare (honestly sometimes I think she just rests so well that she gets that middle of the night wake up time), and she was sad because she had not seen me during the Daddy-Daughter Dance (which is one of her favorite events of the year) and then I left to help a friend who needed a grocery run made, but couldn't go because her husband is out of town and she couldn't leave her kids (who can?).  In fact even though she went with we didn't really get to hang out at the picnic meeting we'd had at lunch time.

Anyway, it was at that exhausting hour that my beloved four year old princess asked, "Mommy, can we just stay home and do nothing tomorrow?"  So my friends, with the exception of one non-stressing work exchange I already had planned (and only lasted a couple hours), that's exactly what we did.  It may not have been enough, but it sure felt good.  It's making me crave summer when my oldest won't be in school and we won't have to drive to her school 3-4 times a day.  I see a long list of things we need to do, to get working on, to finish, and to keep working on, but I think we are much busier than I tend to feel we are.  In this light, I think I need to listen to the wisdom of my four year old and just stay home and do nothing, at least somewhat regularly throughout this coming summer.

So how did our relaxation day go?  Well my six and four year olds got up and got themselves breakfast (something they started trying on Saturday when they accidentally woke their Dad while getting cereal), and they played quietly and eventually when their Dad woke up they watched cartoons until their brother and I got up and we finished a DVD and had a late relaxing brunch.  We did leave the house to help a friend and bring a sweet young man back to our house to mow our lawn (my poor husband has horrid allergies right now, and with my stupid broken finger I do not want to try to wrestle my over-go mower), so this was a huge blessing, and we finished the night with pizza and a little bit of TV on DVD.  I think everyone feels a bit more rested.  I could definitely go for another couple days of it myself, but alas, it's not to be.

It's still hard for me to believe it's time to start the week again.  It's going to be another crazy busy one, with the biggest geek holiday of the year falling midweek. I guess I best get to sleep to see if I can cope with it all.  After all when my son woke me this morning, there was a hole in reality somewhere in the swim pools on the roofs of the skyscrapers and while the superheros had found at least one person involved in it, the experts had barely begun to explore what was causing the issue and how the individual in question was controlling it.

I hope you avoid all possible holes in reality this week!

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