Friday, May 6, 2011

Change of Plans

So I had planned on getting ahead at work yesterday, and cleaning the church, and getting my kids ready for pictures today.  Instead I spent the day in labor and delivery at the hospital where my children were born.  I friend of mine who had no local support had a beautiful baby girl at 1:56am today.  Mom and baby are doing wonderfully.  It was so amazing to be her support, to cheer her on, even if it was a long tiring day (we were there all day!)  It was very different to be involved in a birth and not being the one in the bed.

It was also weird walking past room 106.  I took my friend's bags to her recovery room, and while I'd gone the other way when I'd left (mostly to walk past the nurses and say something, not to avoid room 106), I walked right past it - I even looked in.  I spent 4 days in room 106 last year.  I was in room 106 when I had my closest experience to death.  The room didn't scare me.  It didn't make me feel bad, or anything.  It does make me remember, it doesn't help that my sweet, now 4 year old remembers, even though she doesn't.  Just knowing that I was at the hospital was enough to scare her.  I came home twice today (to nurse my son) and I reassured her that we were fine and it simply took time for most people to have babies.  She's asleep right now, but I'm sure she's fine.  If not she should meet me in bed about the time I get there.

I still hope to leave town to take pictures today, we'll see if plans change again.

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