Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth

Ok, I really feel obligated to say something.  Not just because I haven't posted this week, but because it is May 4, or as some lispy Star Wars fan once said, May the Force.  Now, I've been a Star Wars fan ALL OF MY LIFE.  I was gifted my first lightsabre before I was born!  Of course I smashed it to pieces on my little sister's head and it was years before I got another one, but that's a moot point.  The point stands that instead of celebrating the day the trilogy that has affected multiple generations on the date of the launch of the first movie, May 25th, in recent years a new generation has moved the celebration to the 4th of May, because they can't be bothered to remember.

Now admittedly, May 25th is already a huge day geek wise.  It is kinda nice to peel a holiday off that calendar day, to free our attention to amazingness that is the art of Douglas Adams (Towel Day), to enjoy everything that is geek culture world wide with Geek Pride Day, and Glorious 25.  So moving Star Wars day to May 4th I guess aleviates the pressure to compact so much geekness into the 24 hours of 25 May.  It still just feels wrong.

Regardless, I guess I shall dig out a Star Wars tee.  I guess we could watch Star Wars again tomorrow.  My daughters both already want to be Princess Leia for Halloween (and Girl Geek Con if we go).  One wants to be New Hope Leia and the other Endor Leia, I think I can do that, I just need to borrow that sewing machine again.  (Speaking of which the curtain project finished today thanks to the help of my daughter's kindergarten teacher, I'll try to write it up for tomorrow.)  While I'm at it, I might make a little Yoda suit for my son, and well my husband said something about a jedi cloak....

You see celebrating Star Wars is completely alright in my book.  It just feels wrong to do it today.  Then again, when I was little we watched the trilogy once a month when my dad was working nights.  I even made Star Wars paper dolls out of my index cards while at school (why did we have index cards?  we never used them!)  I would draw, color, and cut all my favorite characters from memory during the day in class and then on the walk home I'd give them to my little sister (yeah, same one I broke my lightsabre on) and we'd play Star Wars together.

My daughters already have a couple lightsabres.  My oldest took them for show and tell and then the other girls in her class brought in their lightsabres too.  For Easter the Easter bunny brought a Star Wars dog tag for her, she's been wearing it to school as well.  I hope she wears it today.

So, if you do chose to celebrate, I hope you enjoy your May the Fourth.  For my fellow purists, it's time to start gearing up for the biggest geek day of the year!

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