Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Tabs 2

Since I haven't had the chance to write lately (and I got somewhat admonished for it in the comments on the last post), I thought I'd link some of my random tabs again.  Now I was offline most of last week, so I don't know how many tabs I have open, lets see what I can find.

How about the 3GS case I want that got pulled off of cafepress right before I could decided to go ahead and order it?  I'm looking for something a little geeky, but not "OMG Geek!"  Can a girl get a little subtlety?  I may end up going with leather and wood or something steampunky at this rate  (I did look for a "Don't Panic" one, but I didn't like any of them, black with red letters, how can you mess that up?).  All the geek show related ones are THIS SHOW in your face stuff and I know that'd get old.  I liked this one because it's subtle, the blue would be good from a distance as a plain case and you'd have to really see it and be in the 'know' to get it.  Oh well back to shopping......

A cool photo of my patron goddess, Athena.  I once had an ink tattoo on my inner thigh of Athena, that my friend drew in high school.  I wish I had a good photo of what she drew I'd make it my trademark image!  I wish I could draw people!

Ok, little secret, I love word etymology!  So this nice, not trying to make a political statement with a politically hot etymologically active word of compromise is just fun.     Personally, I feel highly compromised when I shop at discount retailers.  Even yesterday I stopped at Costco and I was looking at cheap jeans (because I could really use a pair) and I thought what horrible conditions the person who made those pants must have been in, and the person who wove the denim.  I am a firm believer in living wage for all, even if it means I have to pay more.  I really do try to vote with my dollar, but I compromise my ideal regularly in the face of a bargain or simply a lack of options.  I once sat to write on this subject, after I had such guilt buying cheap gloves, hats, and scarfs at Walmart.  As much as saving money is good for the budget, it should not come at the enslavement and mistreatment of my fellow human beings!  We are called to so much greater, and really how badly do I need another scarf?  In my reality, money is not the most important thing there is, oh if only more of the world's powers lived in my reality!

For those of you who have known me longer than this blogs existence, you know my maternal grandfather died from Alzheimer's, what you may not know is my Dad is also showing early signs of that wretched affliction!   So I tend to get excited when research makes headlines, and doubly so since it's associated now with diabetes, which my mother has and I too run the risk of getting.  Israeli scientists are studying cinnamon and have found it breaks up and eliminates plaques associated with Alzheimer symptoms and it's good for telling the flu to bugger-off as well!

Lastly a pair of articles on sexism and video games.  Tough stuff here guys.  I've never worked in a female friendly realm, and quite frankly, I'm not happy in "female friendly" realms.  I think all my life I've just wanted to be one of the guys.  There is no denying I'm not a guy, but I can see people as gender neutral (gender is irrelevant for the course of discussion and hanging out, of course other people have a gender, it just doesn't mean a damn to me at the time.)   A sexist approach to ending sexism.... and the rebuttal.

Now, I have a fresh copy of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children taunting me, and other work yet to be done.

Check out the making of video too, if you are bored, it's really good!


  1. And I LOVE female friendly environments! I love pink and sequens and makeup and shoe....How did we get to be friends, exactly? LOL!

  2. Shellie, you are scaring me!!!! pink *shudder*

    Oh and I finished my book, it was good.


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