Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Little PSA

Here's a quick link to a Comic-Con PSA that hightlights a critical difference between girl gamers and boy gamers.

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You see, girl gamers would never ever resort to one handed gaming to avoid swamp ass!  We'd know better than to go through long gaming sessions on a leather couch, we are also smart enough to wear a sanitary napkin if needed.  :)  Still watching Nathan Fillion being all serious is just so cute I had to share.  Not to mention you have to love the "The More You Nerd" at the end.

Just got unpacked from spending the weekend camping.  I also finally added a copyright to the blog, you can still share stuff, but make sure you link back here.  If you want to use something that you can't link me, please email me at papernapkinsedgeofinsantiy (at) GMAIL . COM

More fun stuff and more offline time coming up!  


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