Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ongoing Projects

This week and next are going to be a flurry of activity.  The culmination of many house projects crashing together at once.  While I long to write, and have a few writing assignments on another project to finish, it will be the wee hours (if I can get my nose out of my kindle/books) that it would be accomplished.

So in fairness I am displaying my open ended todo schedule for all of you!

Today:  pressure wash the house and begin painting prep, finish washing vacation clothes, get the area under the new sheet rock cleared and tarps placed back on floor.
Fri-Tues:  sand outside siding, scrape flaking paint, bleach any found moldy sections, sand and texture new ceiling section, paint?, install new lights, replace TV into it's proper location, box books, pull things off of all walls, remove lower wall paneling, tape all wall seams to ready for texturing, clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, get guest accouterments ready, get a sitter and go see Harry Potter 7.2
Tues:  Take Ver1 to dentist for filling one :(
Wed:  Finish any last minute details and welcome parents to house
Thurs-Fri (maybe Sat):  Paint paint paint!!!  All the outside paint must be done!  texture all living room walls with Dad's texture gun, fix new ceiling if I really screw it up, if finished in time help friend load his Uhaul, enjoy time with parents.
Sat:  Say goodbye to parents (hopefully all projects finished) decide what color to paint living room, paint?
Sun:  Finish any leftover tasks, clean friend's apartment, make final decisions regarding living room painting (do or wait) and if wait replace all the furniture and books.

During all this time I must continue with my programming and finish up some writing assignments, plus be mom, nurse the baby, keep the baby out of the tools, keep the girls from fighting, and maintain my sanity.  Oh, I should go get my thyroid levels checked and schedule family eye appointments too.

I do not mean to neglect this writing during this time, and in fact I may write some self-reflective pieces or at least do another random tabs dump (I've got some great stuff on driving I want to shout about), but I make no promises.

Love to you all!



  1. Take pics while you're doing all these projects and see if you can post a few every now and then. That should keep us readers satisfied for a bit. Not to mention, I wish I'd taken more pics before we did our big house re-model, so I could remember how ugly it was before. It is all so pretty now, and I know yours will be as well.
    SC Relative

  2. Just reading that makes me exhausted!!!!!


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