Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Shopped Out - A Secret for Hard to Shop For

Ok, I'm not a big shopper.  I absolutely abhor clothes shopping (which is probably apparent by my fashion sense, or lack there-of), I hate making pressure purchases, I detest crowds, and I do not believe that "buyers remorse" is a valid reason to return something to a store.  When I do buy something, I like to know all my options and it takes me forever to make a commitment to a large purchase.  I like getting a deal as much as the next person, but I'm not going to call customer service and beg for it for half an hour.  And to top it off I have expensive tastes.

Still I went out on Black Friday, not early in the morning, but still.  I went because we were in a town with shopping options and I needed some items.  In fact everything that was for holiday or birthday (yes, we have two birthdays coming up) fit in one regular sized plastic bag tied shut.  Thankfully, I can say that my shopping is done, with the exception of a few party supplies and a couple gift cards.  Yet, there is always that person that is impossible to shop for.  You know who they are!  They are usually a Mom, or a Grandma, or that friend that has everything.  I've always had a secret weapon, and now that my secret is available via Amazon Marketplace, I'm going to share it with you!

First off, this store doesn't work for my absolute toughest to shop for people, but it totally would, if they didn't own the store.  Up until a year ago, my mother and grandmother co-owned a brick and mortar store known as Keepsakes Gifts and Collectibles.  It was a wonderful little store, but as you can imagine, the economy and it's limited reach - not having a web sales side, made paying for a location cost prohibitive.  They started their Amazon store to clear out their inventory, and then looked into maintaining their buyers status with the companies they had already built relationships with.  The results is an Amazon Marketplace store with wonderful collectibles, figures, and objects that solve those hard to shop for problems (plus I can now cruise the inventory in my slippers!)

For several years, I've used my Mom's store to do the ever difficult gift shopping for my inlaws, for prizes to online contests, and for friends who have everything.  It's been a wonderful refuge to keep me out of malls and big box retailers where every item looks the same as the one next to it and as the one next door.  Yet, not so quirky as to be from a market stall at a fair or festival.

So now you know my secret.  Now you can share in it with confidence.

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