Friday, November 19, 2010

Microwave Popcorn Is Evil

Ok, I like popcorn well enough.  I mean, I usually get some at the movies (as long as I have people to share it with) and I even own a popcorn popper, thanks to a former roommate.  I'm sure there are still some packets of microwaveable popcorn in my pantry, but there are also some 15 year old cans of spam in there and I've never prepared spam.  Even the best microwave popcorns are bland, burnt tasting, and really just not that good.  I mean yeah, it's a low calorie snack and you can indulge in large quantities without feeling guilty, but it's just not that good either.  Naughty popcorn is much better, and it's still popcorn.

So why is it, whenever someone makes microwaveable popcorn, no matter what kind, the smell makes you want some?  I mean you know it's not going to taste good.  You know you're going to have to wash down the grittiness and the salt (if there is any) with some kind of flavorful beverage.  So why do you crave it from the smell?  Heck!  Sometimes the smell isn't even that good as the hint of burnt paper is often present.

Oh and then it's worse, the smell lingers for pretty much forever.  And of course then there is usually no popcorn, or it's stale.  Sometimes the culprit is long gone, but you still get the horrid craving and it lingers so it keeps coming back and then you think, "Oh, I should go buy some microwaveable popcorn, because I want popcorn."  And then you are stuck with a WHOLE BAG of this barely edible stuff.

Working mostly from home this isn't normally a problem anymore, although when I worked for the state it was rampant!  I swear someone made popcorn everyday in the microwave within wafting distance of my office.  Now it's just at lunchtime at the elementary school.  Yup, some moms pack microwave popcorn as their lunches.  Talk about evil!

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