Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I feel pain, therefore I am

I feel so horribly I haven't been posting anything at all here.  I think anyone who hasn't read it elsewhere deserves a bit of an explanation.  Back at the beginning of October I got a cold from my infant son.  No big deal, I came down with the worst of the symptoms going into the weekend and while I do most of the writing for this blog on the weekend, I was relieved to have the time to sleep and let my body deal with the virus.  After the weekend most of the cold symptoms were gone, except for a deep cough.

That cough, well it just didn't go away.  And the longer it persisted the more miserable I became.  First it was a pulled muscle, and then a migraine.  It persisted for the entire month and the remnants are still present today.  Along the way muscles and ligaments in my torso became aggravated.  Eventually (last Friday), I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with a bunch of itises, gave me some antibiotics to hopefully kill off the cough, physical therapy instructions (can't afford the actual thing) to regain movement in my right arm (seriously annoying, I can barely lift the arm and I can't really use it for anything), and strict orders to take lots and lots of ibuprofen, to deal with all the inflammation.

Needless to say I hurt.  I pushed through though.  I sewed new reversible hooded cloaks for my two daughters for Halloween (they went as Little Red Ridding Hood and Goldilocks).  Unfortunately, getting a sewing machine became a challenge and while I designed the cloaks in my head I didn't know how much fabric to buy.  I referenced some patterns at the store and still ended up with way too much material, oh well.  The cloaks also got cut WAY TOO large, but this is a happy mistake, I simply tacked it up and will let out the tacks each year as my daughter's grow.

My husband and I learned a lot at our marriage conference, although the cough and associated injuries severely impacted our time away.  Even with our son joining us it was an absolutely wonderful time.  I learned so much I'd love to write about, I have so many blogs swirling in my head.  However, the chest and rib pain prevents me from typing when I am not directly facing my laptop and so much of the time I can't directly face my laptop (ahh the life of a mom), and when I can I feel obligated to peck away at my day job.

I so badly wanted to write about Halloween.  It is one of my favorite mainstream holidays.  Not for the reasons most of you may think though.  Jason Toon over at did a post that is similar to the way I feel.  I also feel horrible that once again I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo.  To make matters worse, on the 1st of November I was coming home from the school and had an absolutely wonderful idea for a novel, a fictionalized autobiography of my childhood with my genius friend and how he impacted my life.  Oh well, to the back burner it goes along with that story I started writing about the impact of an alien encounter on society, based on a dream my husband had over a year ago.  Someday I'll have time for all this stuff right?

As always I greatly wish I could focus on writing here, especially since I have so much swirling, but it wouldn't be the responsible thing to do, I hope you all understand.  I do hope to return, with so much to say - and that when that chance comes, what I say will make sense.  Maybe I'll find some time this weekend to write a few things for the coming week.... no promises.

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