Monday, November 8, 2010

A Word, A Theme, My Children

One of my goals for this blog is that it does not become a "Mommy Blog".  I have nothing against them, but Paper Napkins is more of a place for me to think beyond my daily grind of feedings and homework and sippy cups that have been redesigned to leak (seriously, I love Nuby's but the new tops - disaster!)  Still, a large part of who I am, what I feel is important, and what I invest my life in has to do with my children.  Therefore I think it is only fair that you have an introduction to who they are, at least as I see them.

There have been many ways I've associated concepts and people.  Every guy I seriously dated has a song that symbolizes them to me.  Many major events in my life are marked by a small insignificant item.  Certain phrases, sounds, movies, or games bring up fond memories of friends and times gone by.  Even reminiscing about Rocky Horror this past weekend with the photographer brought up fun memories of many friends, most of whom I've never even seen Rocky Horror with!  In the same way, each of my children have a symbolic representation - they are each associated with a word, a single concept, yet that concept is hugely identifying of their personality and who they are.

My oldest daughter, who will be six next month, and whom I've already written about once, is LOVE.  From the minute I found out I was finally pregnant we were in love.  The pregnancy was a magical wonderful time.  I was always happy and have never felt more beautiful.  I LOVED being pregnant.  I loved the baby I'd never met.  When she was born we gave her a middle name that means "we love".  As she has grown she typifies love.  She needs affirmation to feel secure.  She needs to be included in loving touch, loving talk.  She reaches out to her friends with love.  She reaches out to her siblings with love.  She even from a very early age has shown empathy with others.  She longs to know she is loved and to build relationships with love.  She is love.

My second daughter, my middle child, is BEAUTY.  Her pregnancy was a lot rougher as I spent most of it depressed, still she has always been a princess.  Like her sister her middle name is indicative of her concept word, being the Chinese/Japanese that can be interpreted as beauty.  Her first name as well, in fact one translation of her name means "Beautiful Princess."  She truly is a beautiful child and her desires are for beauty. To dance, to be pretty, to be graceful.  She thrives on being told how lovely she is.  She wants to help make others beautiful as well.  

Finally my son, who is only 9 months old, is BLESSING.  Unlike his sister's his middle name is does not mean blessing, but if he had been a girl we were working on a name that meant such.  Everything about his pregnancy was a blessing, well except the bed rest, but we blame that on my appendix.  Every morning my son wakes up with such joy and smiles.  He is a true blessing and treasure in my life.  He keeps me going with his abundant joy.  All that meet him feel his over abundant joy and see that he is a true blessing.

I am so lucky to be the Mom to these amazing gifts from God.  While sometimes they are a challenge, every day I am surrounded by Love, Beauty, and Blessings, and I wouldn't change it for anything!

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