Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I have so many wants to write about.  Of course this blog will remain my primary source of printing out absurd ideas, insane plans, crazy designs (boy I really need to get my graphics pad hooked up and learn to electronic sketch, don't I?), and other crazy detritus inspired by my own personal walk with insanity that finds so few outlets in real life - at least not without some ungodly hour of the evening/morning, several overtired friends, and possibly a some form of adult beverage.  Unfortunately, those insane ideas and the stuff I really really really want to get out of my head take the most effort to get to make sense on the screen.  Not to mention they get long and weighty and I rarely have time to type that much in one sitting right now, maybe later, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  Seriously, I owe you some economics considerations in an alternate reality and an analysis on the failures of communication, war, the Tower of Babel, and the impossibility of Utopia.  I know you can't wait can you?

So since so much of that stuff is so time consuming and frustrating to get into text, I fill time (when I actually write anything at all - thank you all who push me to keep the updates coming, you know who you are and I appreciate it a LOT)  So I whine about my observations of society, my life, my obsessions, my quirks, and just blather in general.  I also get to comment on stuff I'm watching,reading, playing and whatnot (which I haven't done much of, but I've got lots I want to talk about! - especially some of the books and this BBC show I've been watching).  Unfortunately, I'm not what's considered an "early adopter," mostly because I'm broke and have expensive tastes.  Although I did get to write a great review of a video game a year ago and I loved that, so you know when I get the chance and get typing, you'll get more!

So I spend a bit of time on facebook.  I mean it's easy to be there so many friends hang out and my parents and sister and all that goodness.  And then there's these things you can follow and they bribe you with fabulous prizes that you never win, but you follow anyway because that's what kind of sad sod I am some days, right.  Well I'm telling you all this as a warning, sometime this week (and I haven't fully worked out the posting schedule as I type this) I'll be doing a review for cooking.com.  They had this open call to bloggers, and I've really been longing to do a good review, so I signed on.  Then of course they want us to do a review of something we already have.....

Well that was fun to find, because my kitchen stuff, well I didn't get most of it at a store ya know... it's all kinda ram-shackled together from various gifts and garage sales and some of it was my grandma's or my mother-in-law's.  Anyway I went through the list of reviewable items and I found one that I have and use.  I think it's a good one and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say about it.   I'm not selling out here, just wanting to try a little something and maybe get a bit back in return, so if you hate it feel free to comment on it and I'll take heed in the future.

So keep your eye out, as I crawl along insanity, you really do never know what you are going to get!

*NOTE:  If I start posting vote for me crap and real detritus you all have the right to rebel and virtually beat me to a pulp, thanks*

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