Monday, August 30, 2010


Once upon a time, as a tween (although they called us pre-teens back then), I was in those wonderful two weeks of vacation bible school.  I think it was the last summer I went too.  Every day I walked with my sister, which was a big deal because we had to cross a major road that was normally off limits to us.  It also meant we had the opportunity to go and stop at the little "gas station" that sold all the fun candies that we never got any other time.  At the time I was dating a guy who I'd had an on again - off again relationship with since we were 6, and all of my peers were finally starting to think that wasn't so weird.

I don't really remember a ton from what we "learned."  I'm not even sure what the theme was.  It was obvious that teaching our class was hard for the volunteers, I guess we all must've started to disconnect.  Anyway, I distinctly sitting around a big table in a small classroom in the "adult" section of the church.  It was hot and there weren't any boys in the class, I'm not sure if it was just a temporary thing, or if the class was just girls.  The leader, also a female, decided to talk to us about boys.  I don't know what were on about, I just remember sitting there awkwardly, probably the only girl in the room that had had any serious interactions with the male gender, and having this Mom ask us about our ideal man.

She wasn't getting real deep with us and it definitely wasn't any kind of moral lesson.  It was more of painting a picture of who's hot and who's not.  As the girls went around unanimously describing the hot blond haired blue-eyed hunk of their dreams (was the California surfer thing in that year?), I just sat there awkwardly.  First my boyfriend didn't even come close to the description being dark haired and dark-eyed, but I'd never really given any thought to physical traits that I found stimulating.

I've learned that I do have a thing for large hands and shoulders, and I've been caught more than once checking out the goods, but as for hair, eyes, or even facial structure, I still don't desire the same things as those other girls sitting around that table.  The hot celebrity?  I am such a lost cause!  Not only do I have crappy recognition for actors in different roles, much to my husband's amusement, but I also with find one attractive in one role, and uninteresting in another.  The static images or out of character.... just does nothing for me.    In fact, the first thing I'm likely to notice about a celebrity is their voice.

That doesn't mean I've never found a character attractive.  I mean even my husband knows the kinds of characters I like.  I few years ago for a contest he was running he made an image of the ultimate 3 item (and one container) birthday gift for me.  He handed me my three favorite male characters from 3 of my favorite shows, and the TARDIS.  And, it is not the least bit surprising that all three men played characters that in at least some point in their story lines are doctors, scientific doctors, PhDs.

Intelligence, to me, is extremely sexy.  Knowing things and applying that knowledge.  Even just the potential of a person can be so stimulating to me.  Even as a girl, I just have always wanted to be surrounded by the intellectually gifted.  That boyfriend, a genius - seriously, my first tv crush - it was either Dr. Samuel Beckett, Dr. Doogie Howser, or Wesley Crusher (although there was something about Commander Riker), even the guys I thought of marrying had that spark of something more, that glow of potential - one of them ended up turning his back on it all, but that's neither here nor there.  My husband, well he's a special case is so many areas, but his not an intellectual slouch either, even if it doesn't always come through.

While knowing stuff is uber-hot, there will always be an extra special attraction for those that create.  Mmm, my pin-up calender, hot geeks with their schematics, theories, or inventions.  Ok, so maybe other's wouldn't find it as a best seller, but I'd enjoy it!  It is so bad that I want more from my interactions than a pretty face? (which honestly I probably wouldn't notice right away - I just don't really do faces.  Seriously, never ask me what someone I recently met looks like, it's hard enough to describe people I know well.)

So why is it that these brilliant men are the ones that seem to be the butt of the jokes now?  Why are they rarely portrayed on TV in newer shows, or if they are they are laughable.  Why aren't more of them in the news?  Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't have fit in better in the 1950s, when science and invention was the thing, and those who were making a difference were the hot dirt of the day.  Then again, I don't think I could survive the oppression of women and being without my computer.  //sigh  Maybe there is a future time where we have the adoration of discovery and invention of the early part of the last century and the concept of equal intelligence that is at least politically correct today.

Oh, and those guys in the photo my husband photochopped for me:  Dr. Daniel Jackson, Doctor Nine, and Methos (who is Dr. Benjamin Adams when he's hanging out with Lord Byron).  mmmm brains and leather, does it get much better?

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