Friday, August 27, 2010

Ow My Hand!

My hand is officially dead as of this moment.  Oh I'm sure it'll feel better eventually, but for now, toast.  I spent many many hours for the first time in a long time working in photoshop.  I hooked my WACOM Graphire tablet up to my laptop (Hermes) and set upon a very specific task.  Sometimes while nursing and holding a baby.  Let me tell you, I may be ambidextrous, but on the couch, without a table, there are just some things I can't do under those conditions!

My task was something special for my hubby, and I think it turned out great!  If it works to help him get a job, I'm totally going to share it, if not, well I'll think about it.  At any rate, it'd make a sweet business card.  I should make one for myself, but not tonight.  I hope to regain feeling in my fingers sometime tomorrow or over the weekend, then I can start writing again, if life doesn't get in the way.... stupid life, it gets like that sometimes.

So now it's morning again.  My hand is feeling better, but I'm a bit bummed.  I posted my creation on facebook and no one commented.  I dumped almost all of yesterday into this project, I guess I'd just like some outside validation that it did in fact come out very cool and that it wasn't a bad idea.  Oh well it's too late now, it's been used for the intended purpose and is already in the system for the "dream job" at the suer awesome, "really, I could work there?!?" company.  One of the few places we'd give up an in town opportunity for and move.

Still it was very good to be doing some graphic work again.  I want to do some graphics for this blog as well.  It's probably going to be a bit though.  I need to get back to putting some time into my day job.  Still, I'd like to get some things a bit more paper napkins related than the books.  We'll see if I can actually make it happen.  It's going to be a bit before my hand is ready for another big job, but using all the fun filters and remembering how to do a displacement was lots of fun.  I used to compete in photoshop contests with my husband on a weekly basis, but the contest got overshadowed by a bigger more exclusive contest and has since faded into history.  At the same time, our life got so much busier that we dropped out.  I know my husband misses his creative outlet as well.  He has found other projects, of course, but he was always my idea man and a good in house challenger to do better.

Well, I need to get back to the day job.... sad as that is.

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