Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paved With Good Intentions

My life is paved with good intentions.  I've always had all these ideas of things I'm going to do. Ways I'm going to organize.  Clutter I'm not going to keep.  Friends I'm going to make.  Dates I'm going to go on.  Food I'm going to eat.  Places I'm going to go.  Languages I'll learn to speak.  Yup someday I'm going to rock the world, or something like that.  For some reason I keep getting sidetracked by the inconvenient necessities of life.  I need to work, and then eat, and then put the kids in bed, then I'm stuck at home and I never do seem to get around to meeting my neighbors, not that they are out of their houses and busy lives all that much.  I want to organize my kitchen, but because one device can't multi task I have to have several that do almost the same thing in different ways.

Some of the issues stem from the inability to acquire the types of efficient items I'd prefer t surround my chaotic life with.  Some of the issues are from a lack of drive and commitment.  Some are simply because my mind has never learned to limit itself to one set of interests, one focus.  My father could do anything, build anything, fix anything.  Even had an interest in just about every hobby imaginable.  To me he passed on this gift/curse.
Seriously, I remember when Hobby Town opened in our town.  It was like walking from dream to dream as we cruised the aisles.  Model trains, science equipment (ok, maybe that was mostly me), RC cars and planes, model cars, all of it was just one plan that never happened after the next.  To this day my father has the most impressive collection of never built model cars I've ever seen (with the actual intention of building them).  Recently my father has been unemployed.  I know for a while at least he was working on them and got several finished.  Of course he has a bunch of other unfinished projects demanding his time while he looks for work too; his shops he is building, his broken car he is fixing, his house that he is finishing, that sort of stuff.

Each day I continue to think of things I would love to have happen. Things I want to do as a family.  Ways I want to declutter our lives.  It just never seems to fit into the schedule of life.  How does everyone get it done?  How do people live in half the space we have?  I don't have a big place, shoot it's considered downright small, but people live in less, in the developed world even.  Sure there are the extreme cases like the designer who made the ultimate 300 sq foot bachelor pad in China (so jealous of a few of those things).  My Dad taught me wood working, so really I don't have an excuse, not that I've made anything in a while, nor have access to his tools (he doesn't even have access to them, too much storage in the way), but I could design my own furniture, completely remake my living space.  But other than some ideas buried in my head, I haven't.

Someday I will find those extra hours to do the things I want and not just the things I need.  Someday I will have time to socialize and have an orderly house.  Someday I will finally be bilingual and save up to travel to another country, besides Canada.  Someday I'll have a real house with a proper yard.  I know I can do these things, because I can do anything.  I'll get to work on it tomorrow.

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