Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Observations of: Google Ads

I <3 Google Ads, I LOVE 'em.  The genius behind ad words gets a big high five!  The whole idea of scanning text to see what is being discussed and then attempting to tie in to the interests based on keywords to post an ad, well it definitely can be the bringer of admittedly hours of entertainment.  Sure sure, sometimes it's spot on, something way cool and totally appropriate wanna know more kinda stuff, ka-ching.... absolutely working!  Other times, well that's when we let the good times roll.

Surely you've seen it.  You are chatting along on a forum, or reading your email (if you use web mail) and then in the corner, down at the bottom, there are these little ads.  They advertise things many times the likes of which you have never heard of.  There are some great ads for toilets and toilet accessories if you happen to be on a thread discussing lots of crap.  If you are talking about weddings or babies or any of those major markets, WOW!  Oh baby!  Bring on the advertisers.

When I started this blog I went and signed up for ad words, not because I wanted to cash in on my ramblings, but because I find the linked ads so amusing.  My husband and I have been watching the ads as they've changed on this site.  The first post was largely ignored by the keywords and instead all the ads focused on wedding napkins.  Ok, I bought fancy napkins for our wedding, but we just got them at the rental shop.  Who knew there were so many retailers for this.  Next we started getting foreign bride ads and ads to meet singles.  Gee, who knew those that would want to read what I have to say are so lonely.

Then of course there are the big ads, the ones you see everywhere.  It's like you've arrived.  There's enough refreshing waiting for someone to comment (oh come on, I get bored while holding the baby and sometimes I wonder how bad I wrote the night before).  Today we see car ads and coupon ads and all those ads that you see all over everywhere.

The forums where I hang out have managed to shift conversations such that the ads have nothing to do with the page or even the discussion.  And then of course the discussion becomes about the ads, which is like dumping gasoline on the bonfire.  Despite that fervor and the quality of the ads, it's the mail ads that to me, bring those greatest amusement moments.  You open an email from your relative on the other side of the country and you discuss her young children.  All of a sudden your mail is surrounded by ads about child rearing products, and not even stuff you've heard of before, but highly specialized products and programs.  Potty training is like a gold mine!  Oh and don't forget new baby with everything from the myriad of cord banks to all of the little things you never thought you'd need to be a good mom.

From my email I know that there are designer boxers that share my sister's new last name.  I know many recipes for SPAM.  I've learned of all kinds of get rich quick and at home Mommy money making techniques.  I've learned of seminars.  I've learned why conventional mattresses are bad.  I've been presented with advertising for many different careers from legal to medical and even business specialists.  Then there are the ads that even if I click through I still don't have a clue what they are about, for, or why they even targeted me.

Google Ads is a great amusement.  I entreat you all to pay more attention.  For the time being the ads will remain here on paper napkins for all of our amusements.  Don't let this site be your sole source.  Open your eyes and look around.  Has Google targeted you, then try Facebook.  The stuff my Facebook page gives me is a real laugh.... maybe they just don't get me.

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