Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peek ahead at Geeky September observances

Ok, since I totally punted the post last night (yeah sorry, but when things pick up on life, cool stuff like writing here get pushed back).  I just thought I'd open up my Google Calendar and check out the geeky holidays for the month of September (which is a great month for geeky observances!) and share what we will be celebrating this coming month.  Of course there is nothing right away, but after the back to school and labor day festivities (and PAX for those lucky enough to be going) settle down we have two weeks of amazing geekdom to close out the month with.

September 18th marks not only the INFAMOUS Talk Like a Pirate (and dress like one if you can too) Day, but it also starts Tolkien Week!!!

September 22 marks the highlight of Tolkien Week - Hobbit Day!  What a wonderful day this is, mmmmmm can't wait!

And after we've recovered from Tolkien Week, September 30 brings every school kids favorite day, Ask a Stupid Question Day!

So you see, lots to do this coming month, and lots to talk about!

Now back to getting through these next couple days of craziness!

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