Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Say No

You see, there was a time in my life when I was a walking pharmacy.  Seriously, even the teachers at my high school came to me for the good pain killers.  I had them legitimately, I had/have migraines.  By high school I'd made a thorough effort to void any and all warranties on my body.  I had an annual appointment with radiology from 3rd grade through high school (not scheduled mind you, just was there every year for something.)  My long term physical goal is to be able to walk when I'm 60, and before we married I made perfectly sure that my husband is aware that I may need him to carry and care for my broken down self.  But hey, all those owies came with some seriously good dope.

I'm currently in the throws of a horrid summer cold.  My baby got it and of course if you sneeze within 50 ft of me, I get it.  Ok, so I'm totally miserable.  My husband has been a champion dealing with things, but this is the bulk of why I haven't been writing.  Not that the whispers (and sometimes yells) of insanity aren't still pounding at my head, but they aren't the only thing pounding at my head.  But there's a little problem.....

You see, when I got into college and started paying for my own meds (and coffee), I realized how much all those pills cost, especially when they weren't covered by insurance, eg Wigraine.  I also realized that I couldn't function through a day without several pills (and coffee).  This really started to bother me.  I don't like to be dependent on anything.  So eventually, and it's all kinda hazy here, I decided to quit, quit them all (eventually I even gave up the coffee).  And I did so in one fell swoop.

Now that's not to say I never take anything.  Advil and I have been close friends this year, and with my surgery earlier this year (and previous experiences) I must confess that morphine is my friend.  Ah, not a finer drug than morphine, it doesn't take away any pain, you just simply don't care about it anymore.  Love me some morphine.

Anyway, my point is I rarely if ever take a painkiller.  I only take the minimalists of medications.  So on those occasions when I do want an over the counter remedy, there are some very bad side effects.  Where a dose of Nyquil didn't even begin to phase me in high school, if I take even a half dose now I'm stoned for about 48 hours.  Sometimes I don't even wake up for 18 or more hours.  It's really extreme.  Thankfully, I can still take Dayquil, but this leads to other problems, like the stimulate getting to my baby and keeping him awake until 2am.

So, I apologize for not keeping my regular posting schedule, but I ran out of pre-written stuff and my head feels ready to implode.  I'll try to be more consistent, but if you really knew me, you'd be impressed I lasted this long.


  1. The google ad is for a migraine remedy...
    Just wanted you to know I'm reading (and looking at the google ads ;-)

  2. I know! Aren't the ads fun? I get a ton of ADHD ads on the main page. . . hmmm I haven't even talked about having ADD yet.


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